09 - Little Wonders

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*Heads up: some foul language--more than usual--is used. If you don't like the f-bomb... well, you've been warned lol*


July 21, 1476

Florence, Italy

Catherine yawned lazily as she sat up, blinking. It was odd getting to do that—just sit there, staring at the far wall and then the closed window where the sunlight was seeping through. It was definitely well past her training or even normal breakfast time. Maybe. She wasn't sure. Ironically, her Clock wasn't much of a clock. In fact, it didn't even tell time. The hand never moved, and of course a clock had two hands anyways.

"Ugh, stay out of my head for at least five minutes before I get going," she groaned as she rubbed her face to sigh slowly and deeply, and then roll out of bed as lazily as she could. Thankfully, Giovanni was keeping his word. Annetta hadn't come to wake her at all, and she could hear no footsteps outside. She's been allowed to sleep in and now she could do whatever she wanted. Again, she wasn't really sure what she was going to do, but it was too soon after waking up to really think about it right now. No, she'd get all glum after she had something to eat.

So. Chamber pot. Done. Pants, white undershirt tucked into said pants, greenish tunic, gloves and boots on, haired brushed and pulled back into a make-shift bun, and a quick face check for stupid reasons. Check. Clock? Unfortunately, check. She shoved the stupid thing into her pocket where it belonged, looked into the mirror a second time with her hands on her hips, and sighed again. She missed seeing herself in normal clothes in her normal room behind her in the reflection. She missed seeing her dog lying on the bed, silently asking what she was doing and why wasn't she cuddling him instead? She missed a lot of things these days, but there was nothing to be done—not yet anyways.

'Well, time to have a day off,' she hummed as she adjusted her hat so it hid her hair a bit better. She still looked somewhat womanly up close, but from afar it had apparently been okay. That, or no one cared. She'd be on her own today, though, so there might be trouble. She supposed she should stick to the rooftops today to avoid any.

"First, food," she nodded firmly, and headed out into the Palazzo.

It was quiet, but she wasn't all that surprised. The family had probably all gone their separate ways after breaking their fast. Sure enough, she didn't find any of them as she got downstairs. The dining table was empty and clean of any morsels it might have had. However, Annetta was incredibly smart and kind; she'd saved some food for Catherine, and so the redhead didn't go hungry that morning.

"Giovanni said you would be waking up late," the maid smiled knowingly, and the redhead smiled back as she ate.

"Thanks. I appreciate it a lot. The food you cook is always good. Eggs are some of my favorite things to eat, too, although you should add milk and mix them—it really fluffs them up and can go farther," she replied, biting into her fruit next.

Annetta tilted her head, "Mix milk with the eggs?"

"Yeah. I would do it all the time back home. Just mix it up. You can add cheese, but cut it into thin strips and put it in as soon as you start cooking. You keep it going until you see some juice from the eggs start pooling—oh, you wanna do this on a skillet or something, because you have to stir it around a lot. I could show you one time, if you'd like."

"Wha—oh, no, no, my Lady. You should not be cooking, that is the servant's duty," the woman laughed lightly, but Catherine just grinned.

"I actually like to cook. How about this: when no one is looking you let me try?"

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