Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The bridge to Olympus was dissolving when we stepped out of the elevator onto the white marble walkway. Immediately cracks started to appear at our feet.

"Jump!" Grover shouted, which was easy for him since he's part goat. He sprang from stone to stone getting across quickly. The piece of stone we were on was tiling and was quickly cracking and falling apart.

"Gods, I hate heights!" Thalia yelled as we both leaped at the same time. Annabeth couldn’t because she wasn't in any shape for jumping.

She stumbled and yelled, "Percy!"

I quickly caught her hand as the pavement fell, crumbling into dust. For a second I thought she was going to pull us both over. Her feet dangled in the open air and her hand started to slip, until I was holding her only by her finger tips. Grover and Thalia ran over to try to help, but they wouldn't make it in time. I found strength in the thought of not letting Annabeth fall and pulled her up.

‘She isn't going to fall,’ I thought. ‘Not on my watch.’

I pulled her up and we fell backwards rolling onto the marble ground trembling. I didn't realize we had our arms around each other until she tensed.

"Um, thanks," she muttered embarrassed.

“Don't mention it.”

"Keep moving!" Grover tugged my shoulder tugging me along with Annabeth. We sprinted across the sky bridge as more stones disintegrated and fell below Olympus into the streets of manhattan. We made it to the edge of the mountain just as the final section collapsed behind us.

We all turned around and looked back at the elevator, which was now completely out of reach. They were a polished set of metal doors hanging in space, attached to nothing, six hundred stories above Manhattan. There was no way we could get across if we wanted to back out now.

"We're marooned," Thalia said. "On our own."

"Blah-ha-ha!" Grover said. "The connection between Olympus and America is dissolving. If it fails-"

"The gods won't move on to another country this time," Annabeth finishes. "This will be the end of Olympus. The final end."

“Which is why we can't fail. Let's go.” I said dragging them along.

We ran through the streets as fast as possible. Along the way we saw the damage that Kronos dealt along his way to the throne room. There were mansions on fire, statues hacked to pieces, trees were blasted to splinters. It looked like someone had attacked the city with a giant Weed wacker.

"Kronos's scythe," I said in realization. “We have to hurry.”

We followed the winding path toward the palace of the gods.The whole place was in ruins. A few minor gods and nature spirits had tried to stop Kronos on his way to the throne room, but what remained of them was strewn about the road.

Somewhere ahead of us, Kronos's voice roared. "Brick by brick! That was my promise. I'll tear Olympus down BRICK BY BRICK!"

A white marble temple with a gold dome suddenly exploded. The dome shot up like the lid of a teapot and shattered into a billion pieces, raining rubble all over the city.

"That was a shrine to Artemis," Thalia grumbled. "He'll pay for that."

We were running under the marble archway with the huge statues of Zeus and Hera when the entire mountain groaned, rocking sideways like a boat in a storm.

"Look out!" Grover yelped panicked. The archway crumbled. I looked up in time to see a twenty-ton scowling Hera topple over on us. Annabeth would've been flattened, but Thalia shoved her from behind and landed just out of danger.

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