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"Who's here?" You demanded, standing your ground.

 A giant gust of wind blew your hair. You felt a hand on your chin. "Hello, Y/N" A voice echoed.

 You jumped, turning to see a figure that towers over you in height. "Dream?"  Your face projected horror.


That caused you to raise an eyebrow. How did he know your name? Dream had never even met you. So, how did he know? Was Dream... stalking you?

"Were you stalking me or something?"

 He laughed. "I have been watching over you. Listen, you're not getting married to Wilbur," Dream ordered.

 You stood, frozen in place. What should you do? Run? Stay? And there was no way you were listening to him. Wilbur is your fiancé and you love him. You wouldn't listen to the words of an evil man that you had just met. 

"I'll get married to whoever I want," You retorted. 

Dream pulled you closer to him with a firm grip. "You will if you know what's best for you and your freedom," He whispered in your ear, knocking you to the ground.

There were now bruises along your arm and Dream laughed. "Don't forget what I said, Y/N."

Everything went black. You felt yourself be lifted off the ground, and when you awoke, you were in your own room. Who had carried you back? Dream. He was the only person in that forest that could have possibly known where you were.

But why? Why would Dream not want you to marry Wilbur? The only reason that would make sense was that he was in love with you. No, that would be impossible. He's heartless and he had just met me.

All of the thoughts spun around in your head, and your eyes blinked shut.

Tomorrow was the big day.

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