ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ

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"The Bermuda triangle, well that's interesting" you mumble to yourself, as you doodle down on the papers.

Even if everyone who disappears goes to this island, then where are the women? What happened to them?

But, Maybe they are already born on this island from this...tree.

You let out a loud sigh, before start tearing up all of a sudden.

Your family is dead, everyone is dead, and you are the only one who has survived the sinking of the ship.

And to make things worst, you don't know how to return home, because there is no possible way to leave the Bermuda triangle.

It's not like someone is waiting for you at home, so you have decided to accept your fate by just living on this island.

Suddenly, you hear a knocking on the door, causing you to wipe your tears quickly, before standing up.

A servant boy enters holding neat robes like the ones Larsan was wearing earlier in his arms.

Honestly, your face heats up when you see him, he is so handsome...well he is more pretty than handsome due to his feminine features.

"His highness, the king, wishes that you have dinner with him, and you should dress in this"

Of course, you didn't understand one single word from what the young servant just said, but you assumed it has something to do with you wearing those robes.

However, you can't just guess, now can you?

Also, you need to make a good bond with the servants.

You grab some paper and a pen, as he places your new clothes on the bed.

Starting to doodle, he waits for you patiently until you dismiss him.

The boy is examining you with a red tint on his face, not understanding why is he so shy around you.

In his eyes, you are the most beautiful female that he saw...actually you are the first female he ever saw in his life.

"(Y/n)" You point at yourself, then point at him.

He quickly catches on to what you are trying to say.

"Navalet" he replies with his name.

You smile and show him your question.


Navalet nods his head slowly, before taking the pen, and answering.


You let out a sigh, realizing that you are going to have dinner with the king.

This is going to be a very awkward dinner, even more, awkward than the one you used to have with your distant relatives.


You were terrified the moment you entered the king's chambers and realized that...

...you are going to dine alone with him in his chambers.

Starting down at your food, you don't dare look at Celestan who is glaring intensely at you.

You truly wanted to speak up your mind, yet he wouldn't understand you anyways-

"Tell me more about yourself, girl"

Your (e/c) eyes widen in shock at the golden-haired man.

"You can speak in my language!" You exclaim, not knowing whether to be happy or not.


Oh honey, of course, I speak your language, after all, I'm the one who brought you here"

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