ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ sɪx

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"Did you have a good night's sleep?" The king asks his son, as you three have breakfast together.

The prince glances in your direction in disgust, before looking back at his father.

"I found her in my bed yesterday"

You look up from your food when you feel the king's harsh glare on you, not understanding that the prince put you in trouble just now.

"And what did you do?" The king asks, not removing his eyes away from you.

"I was going to behead her, but I decided against it because I'm so kind" Celestan raises an eyebrow, turning to his son.

"But not because you found out that she is my guest, right, son?" The king spats.

When you see the prince startled by his father's words which you didn't understand, you grin smugly.

"You are to show her around the island, Alastrain" the said boy huffs and crosses his arms over his chest.

"I can't believe I have to show a lowlife like her around"

You finish eating your food, feeling pleased with how it tastes.

Grabbing your papers and pen that is on the table beside you, you start to doodle.


You show Navalet, who is standing beside you to help you with anything.

The servant smiles and grabs the paper and pen from you before doodling down the answer.


Your mouth drops in shock, while the king smiles slightly at your shocked expression.

"Monkey's meat? I ate a monkey!"


"You sit behind the prince on his horse, as he rides through the kingdom, with his head held up.

Larsan and the guards are on their horses, riding behind their proud prince.

However, you don't like the fact that you are riding on a horse as other people's attention is on you.

So, you get off the horse, removing your hands from Alastrain waist causing him to frown.

"What do you think you are doing?"

You ignore the angry prince and walk through the market until you reach a stand that has unique flowers on top of it.

Honestly, you have never seen such unique flowers before.

"Would you like one?" The florist offers with a gentle smile, as he hands you one of the unique-looking flowers.

You take it from his hand, and return his smile with a shy one, yet say nothing.

Alastrain sees the instruction between you two and frowns deeply.

Larsan also feels jealous of how you are flustered by the florist's action.


"Yes, your highness" the prince looks at the dark-haired man.

"After we leave, arrest the florist and behead him" Larsan only smiles, as he hears the order.

"As you wish, my prince"

The prince turns to look back at you with anger in his eyes.

"I will show you that no one will care about you like me"

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