ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇ

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One minute you were having a fun time with your family and friends, and the next you found yourself in the ocean.

Before the waves shoved you on the beach of an unknown island.

You have been walking along the beach of the island for about two to three hours, your body is weak.

Honestly, you are just too afraid to go into the forest, fearing that there might be some wild animals who can attack you.

"I want to die," you say, before your legs give up on you, and you fall on your back on the rough sand.

You don't know what happened to your family, but you feel like they are dead by now.

And thinking about it in that way, brought tears to your eyes.

You close your eyes, in hopes of relaxing and forgetting about your tragedy.

Everything was calm for a few minutes until you get hit at your right so roughly that you open your eyes and gasp in pain and shock.

You sit up and look at the person who has hit you with their foot, only to see the most prettiest man you have ever seen in your life.

He is tall and looks to be the same age as you, his hair is as dark as the night, reaching to his shoulders length and his eyes are a stormy grey color yet sharp.

The stranger is also dressed in weird robes, however, they are elegant.

"You are a....female?"

You didn't understand what language he just spoke, but it is different from your native language.

"What?" you ask back in your language.

He doesn't speak a word as he picks your body up and throws you over his left shoulder.

You were about to fight him, but you felt so weak to do so.


Your mouth almost drops in shock upon seeing the forest.

There's a large beautiful kingdom behind this forest.

Strangely, you only see males, not females...so how come there are young boys...where are their families.

Many citizens looked at you in wonder and shock.

Honestly, you tried to make a conversation with him but gave up once you realized that he doesn't even know your language

The handsome stranger whom you don't even know his name walks inside the large palace until he reaches the throne room

The guards let him in without hesitation.

He drops you on the ground in front of who you assumed to be the king of this kingdom.

You slowly look up to see a man sitting on the throne, and a frown graces his face upon seeing you.

"What do we have here?"

"What do we have here?"

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