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Mya Grant POV

It's my graduation day and I'm so excited. I was going to take the bar examination. But decided against it I'm going to wait until Emily gets a bit older. Like when she's in school it isn't like we're broke or anything.

I got the highest grade in our class so I'm valedictorian. Putting on my dress and my ring cause your girl engaged. I " My Fiancé" these mother fuckers to death. But I don't care I'm so excited.

Looking at myself in the mirror "come baby we're gonna be late

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Looking at myself in the mirror "come baby we're gonna be late. Jones and Emily are in the" turning he stopped and stared at me. "Wow" he said he look at his watched and cussed under his breath.

"If only we had more time. You look beautiful baby let's go" he grabbed my phone then we made our way.

After this long ass ceremony I couldn't wait to leave. These shoes were a horrible choice. Waiting for them to call my name.

"Our very own Valedictorian Mya Grant" and the room went crazy. Walking on stage I'm waving to everyone. I see my George using Emily little hand to wave at me.

Smiling I went back to my seat to watching everyone go by. And at the end I couldn't wait to go up to my family. Walking up to them George picked me up and spend me around. "I'm so proud of you baby" he said kissing my neck.

I picked Emily up kissing her face I got a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Lisa. My smile dropped and she handed me some flower. "Congratulations" she said and I nod.

"Hmm I didn't have a chance to say it before but. I'm sorry you were always an amazing friend to me and I was a major bitch. You didn't deserve it. I was hoping you would forgive me And I was hoping we can be friends again" she said looking down.

I nod "Lisa I forgive and I'll always love you. Your Emily's sister and Georges daughter." I said and she started to smile "But that's all you are I can never trust you again. So we can never be friends again" I told her walked off.

"Hey Mya come get a picture with us" some of class mates yelled. I walked over taking pictures with everyone. We even added Emily to some of the pictures.

When we were done we got to the car but it was quiet. Getting home I took off my shoes and went to use the bathroom. Coming out George was sitting on the bed he's looking at his phone.

I sat next to him "are you mad at me?" I asked playing with my ring. He rest his phone down looking at me he kissed my forehead. "No baby I'm not mad." He said pulling me on the bed and rolling on top of me.

"I'm proud of you. You did a great job with your speech." He said kissing my neck. "And you did a great job with Lisa." He told me and I smiled. "But you do know technically your mother" he said jumping off my and my jaw dropped.

"Excuse I'm too young to her mother" I said bouncing up. He only laughed at me. He came back out "are you going to dinner in that dress?" He asked me and I shook my head no.

I sucked on his neck a bit "I'm not really hungry. But I am craving something" I said with a smirk. He laid on the bed and flip us over.

"You know" he started kissing my neck "I don't mind eating something" he whispered in my ear and I laughed at him. He grabbed my phone and told Jones to listen out for Emily.

He took my dress off "hmmm no panties huh?" He said and I winked at him. He then went into the drawer next to our bed. Next thing you know I'm handcuffed to the bed head.

He pecked my lips then kissed down my body. He stopped at my kitty then looked at me. "Don't cum until I tell you" he said and I shook my head no. "You don't have a choice now so you baby". He said and attacked my kitty.

"Baby please I can't hold it anymore" at this point I'm begging him to let me release. But he just won't let me. He took his dick out and sinked into me.

He lift my legs up pushing it all the way up. "Ahh shit" I yelled out he started to kiss down my body and I couldn't hold it anymore.

I let go and then he released right after me. He spread my legs far apart holding me down by my thighs. He rubbed my clit while slamming into me. "Ooh your such a good girl" he said flipping my body over the bringing my bottom part up.

He slipped back into me bending once kissing my back bringing a hand around rubbing my clit. "Fuck" I screamed into the pillow. "Your my good girl." He said whispering in my ear. I creamed all over him.

A few hours later.

We're at the restaurant and all I wanna do is stay home and sleep. But it's my day and George wants me to celebrate. Sitting down I'm still sleep he tired my ass out and I barely walk. So now I have on fears.

After about a hour or so we were ready to leave. Emily is leaving with John mom. Jones and I are waiting for the car to come. George is taking the rest of Emily things to his mom car.

Logan in the bathroom when the car came I'm looking at my phone. My uncle was texting me apologizing about not being able to make my graduation.

I was walking to the other side of the car to the passenger seat. When I heard my name being yelled looking up but it was too late. The car was coming right for me.

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