2 | Broken & Alone

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Broken & Alone

Draco's P.O.V.

I couldn't help the sobs that wracked my body; I was so scared, so confused, and I was just feeling so anxious. My life is taking a steep downward plummet, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. If the Dark Lord wants something, he gets it. If he wants me to become a Death Eater, there is no way out of it.

My father is one of You-Know-Who's most avid followers, though my mother detests his decision. She has remained neutral during both times the Dark Lord has come to power, because a proper Black lady never bows down to anyone. Though, that didn't stop Auntie Bella.

I hear a loud "pop" and lift my head to see Dinkey, holding my tray of sandwiches. I'd forgotten about those.

"Thank you, Dinkey" I said with a watery smile. I grabbed a sandwich that looked like turkey, and took a bite.

"Is Master Dracos okays?" Dinkey questioned, a concerned look in her big, blue eyes.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay, Dinkey." I replied quietly, wiping my eyes, and continuing to eat my sandwich. "Thank you, this is really good." I whispered after a couple minutes.

"I's is glad Master Draco likes thems!!" Dinkey said, beaming at the compliment. I like seeing Dinkey smile. At least she's happy.

I hear something smash downstairs, and then my father yelling. Another smash, that sounded like glass, and then I hear a scream. Not just any scream, that sounded like my mother!! Oh no, I have to go protect her from him. He can't hurt her!

I throw down my sandwich and bolt down the stairs, when I reach the bottom, I see a sight that will haunt me until the day I die. There, on the ground, covered in shards of broken glass, lay the once beautiful woman who was my mother. The only person to ever show me love, was laying dead, covered in blood, and standing over her, was my father.


Harry's P.O.V.

I'm feeling so broken right now. Neither Ron, or Hermione has contacted me at all this summer, Uncle Vernon is basically hitting me every time he sees me, and Aunt Petunia has yet to speak a word since Dudley's death. And to top it all off, I essentially got my godfather -the only parental figure I have ever really known, and loved- killed. I have nobody. I am alone.

I remember a certain green-eyed, floppy-eared, disobedient house elf. I miss Dobby. Seeing him in the kitchens last year at Hogwarts made me happy. I wonder if I could call Dobby here, from the Dursley's.

"Dobby" I call out softly, my voice cracks a little at the end, I hadn't realized I was crying until now.


I feel so disappointed, I shouldn't have ever gotten my hopes up with the thought of seeing my little friend. I've learned that if you stop expecting things, you never get let down. But I can never stop the feeling of heartbreak that comes over me when I realize that I truly am... Alone.

I close my eyes as I feel a tear fall down my cheek, and soon enough, I'm crying so hard I can't see or hear or think. I'm just numb. So numb that when a small "pop" sounds beside me, I don't even notice.

I do notice the slightly constricting feeling on my throat though, and worry that Uncle Vernon's strangle-marks are acting up again. When I reach up a hand to touch my neck though, I feel a little arm. Alarmed, I open my eyes, to find a pair of big, green orbs staring at me in concern.

"DOBBY!!!" I cry as I fling my arms around the little creature's neck. I can't believe he's really here. "I've missed you so much Dobby, I'm so glad to see you!" I whimper happily into his neck, as he tentatively pats my head.

"Why is Mister Harry Potter calling Dobby?" The little elf asked, once I released him from my embrace.

"I wanted to see you, Dobby. I didn't want to be alone anymore. And I was wondering if you could possibly help me heal these wounds..." I said quietly, looking at my injured body.

Dobby nodded vigorously, "Yes! Mister Harry Potter is hurt! Dobby can helps! Come with me, Harry Potter!" He squeaked and grabbed my arm.

With a crack, Dobby and I disapparated. When the compressing feeling of apparition receded, I opened my eyes to see myself standing in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing.

"Dobby, why are we at Hogwarts?" I inquired, just as Madame Pomfrey walked in.

"Mister Potter! What has happened to you, my boy?" The mediwitch quickly ushered over, moving me to sit on a bed.

"I... Uhm... I got beaten up..." I say with a hopeful smile. She can't know that my Uncle did this. I can't tell her. Not yet, at least. Nobody knows, and besides, she probably wouldn't even care if I DID tell her....

"I think you were more than a little 'beat up', Potter, but nonetheless, you are in need of medical attention." After performing a few diagnostic spells on me, she declared that I had four broken ribs on my left side, a cracked pelvis, and a dislocated shoulder. With a few more spells, she re-located my shoulder, mended my pelvis, and numbed the pain in my body.

I had to take three potions, one to fix my broken ribs, one to prevent any of my flesh wounds from becoming infected, and another, to reduce any swelling of my bruises. Madame Pomfrey brought me another potion, Dreamless Sleep, so I could get some rest while my injuries healed. About two minutes after taking the potion, I was out cold.


Draco's P.O.V.

I stood there, staring at my father. He killed my mother. HE KILLED MY MOTHER! I ran upstairs again, locked my door, and screamed and cried, until I was a wet, disgusting, mess. I am alone. She was the only person who ever loved me, and now she was gone! If my life was looking bad before, it was nothing compared to how it is now. Everything is wrong. I have nobody. I am alone.

Just then, I felt a little pair of arms pull me into a hug, and I see Dinkey, tears in her eyes, watching me slowly break before her.

"I wants to help you, Master Draco," she sniffled, "Stay right here." And with that, the little house elf disappeared.

I was left staring at place she had just been standing. I felt so shattered, all I could do right now was breathe. I wasn't thinking, feeling, or even seeing, really, I was just existing.

In front of me, there were two simultaneous "pop"s and before me stood Dinkey and... Dobby?

"Dobby?" I asked. I was confused, why was he here, was he actually there or was I just imagining it?

"Hello, Master Draco, sir! Dobby has missed you!" The floppy-eared elf cried, jumping onto me, and for the second time today, I received a house-elf hug. I gently hugged him back, before my curiosity got the better of me.

"Why are you here, Dobby?" I asked, looking from Dinkey to Dobby.

"Well you sees, Master Draco, I's was worried abouts Master, so I wented to see Dobby at Hogwarts. He and Dinkey would likes to helps Master Draco, sir." The blue-eyed elf explained, looking at me with concern the entire time.

Normally, I would have refused the help, but I was desperate and alone. "Okay," I nodded, "thank you." I said quietly. Both elves position themselves beside me, before placing one hand on each of my arms. And then we were spinning, stretching, pulling, pushing, squeezing, falling, and then nothing.

I let out a shaky breath and opened my eyes. Right in front of me was a sleeping boy, with unruly black hair, round glasses, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. He also had bruises of all shapes and colours littering his body, and red lashings that were covered in ugly scabs taking up the entirety of his torso.

I was standing in front of Harry Potter, and he looked as broken as I felt.


Hey! So this was a pretty long chapter, sorry about that;) I hope you guys like this so far, and I would love to hear any ideas or opinions you have! I'm having a lot of fun writing this, despite the depressing setting, but it will get happier, I promise. So anyways, please vote and comment!!

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