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Hating Life

WARNING: This story will contain boyxboy relationships, so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read this:)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters, places, and such in this story, all credit for that goes to the lovely J.K. Rowling!!


Harry's P.O.V.

I am barely able to see through my left eye, which is nearly swollen shut. Even laying here on my bed causes me excruciating pain, my broken ribs screaming in agony, and the tender welts from the many lashings across my back and torso. I am coated in a lovely shade of purple, with bruises littering my body. It's fair to say that I am rather miserable here, at the Dursley's.

My uncle used to be bearable, he didn't abuse me the way he does now. Sure, I was neglected, and put down, but the pain of being less favoured is nothing compared to the beatings he gives me now. Ever since his precious Dudley died from the dementor attack last summer, he has been growing more and more abusive with each and every day.

Sometimes, Uncle Vernon would just beat me because he could, these days. He is going to kill me one of these days. I never get sent to a hospital, so none of my wounds ever properly heal, and they just get progressively worse with each beating.

I try to roll over onto my side, and immediately regret it as I bite back a scream. It's too late though, I feel the skin re-open itself on the lash marks of my back, and I distinctly feel the blood seeping out of them again. I hate my uncle. I hate this house. I hate myself for not being strong enough to fight back against my uncle. I hate my life.


Draco's P.O.V.

As I am lounging on my bed, I decide it's time for a snack. "Dinkey!" I call, and with a pop, a small house elf appears, bowing lowly.

"What cans Dinkey gets for Master Draco sir?" The little creature asked, looking up at me with big, blue eyes.

"I was wondering if you could bring me a snack, Dinkey, maybe some sandwiches?" I said, smiling at my favourite house elf. Dinkey had been my only friend for a very long time when I was younger.

"Yes! Of course, Master Draco! Is there anything else I's cans gets for sir?" Dinkey exclaimed happily, oh how those house elves loved to work.

"No thank you Dinkey, but if you'd like to stay and have a snack with me, you may. I do need some company." I said with a bright smile. The way that Dinkey's eyes lit up at that request was priceless, and it warmed my heart a little- only a little, I wasn't some Hufflepuff, I was a Malfoy. And Malfoys don't get emotional when they make house elves' days.

With a pop, Dinkey disappeared again, presumably to fix up their snack. Just as I laid back down on my bed, I heard a blood-churning screech. Worried, I carefully opened my door and crept downstairs, towards where the scream had sounded.

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, I peered my head into the room, seeing nobody, I continue my search. Eventually, I come to the bolted doors of my father's study. Behind the door, I can hear the muffled voices of my father, Crabbe Sr., Auntie Bella, Fenrir Greyback, a couple other's that I can't discern, and most importantly, the Dark Lord.

I carefully press my ear to the doors, trying to find any indication of what may have caused somebody in there to scream with such agony.

"My Lord, I apologize. Draco is not ready, he is too yo-" my father's voice was cut off by that of none other than Lord Voldemort himself.

"CRUCIO! This isn't about the boy's feelings, Lucius! This is about killing Albus Dumbledore, so I can be the most powerful wizard! It MUST happen! And Draco is the best choice, so you and your son shall obey my orders! Draco will become a Death Eater, and he will kill Dumbledore!! CRUCIO!!"

The Dark Lord was torturing my father. And this was about me. He said I had to become a Death Eater!! I have to kill Dumbledore! Oh god!! I started to panic and I ran to my room, bolting the door, and sliding to the floor. I let a single tear fall from my eye, and soon I can't seem to stop the onslaught of sobs wracking my body. I hate the Dark Lord. I hate my father for mixing our family up with him. I hate myself for never stopping him from putting my family and my mother into danger. And right now, I really, really, hate my life.


Hey, so I made this up at 11:40 pm, so it may suck, but hopefully not. The Drarry in this story shouldn't take too long to happen, but I have to set the grounds for the story and such, so the first few chapters will be background information that leads up to the Drarry. Please vote & comment and such if you like this, because this is my first fanfic on wattpad sooo... Yeah:) hopefully, I will be able to update this story frequently, I have a lot of time, so it shouldn't be an issue.

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