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So, I think I'm gonna delete this story. I'll leave it up for 2 weeks, if you want me to keep it up, comment so I know it means something to somebody... This stupid app screwed me over today and I'm just so done right now. I was writing a new Drarry story, I had 5 765 words, 3 chapters, and I worked really hard on the cover of the book too. I was just about to save my third chapter after editing it a bit, when all of my chapters deleted themselves. I didn't get any warning or pop-up asking if I "really wanted to delete this" one by one, all of my chapters disappeared, and then the entire story was just GONE. I'm so ticked, I was working really hard on that story and I was proud of it, and it's now just completely lost. I think I was hacked, but I don't really know. So thanks for reading this so far, and if you want me to keep this story up, comment, if you really want me to continue the story, say so, and I'll decide in two weeks what's going to happen.

Thanks guys

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