5 | Seeing Him Smile

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Seeing Him Smile


Draco's P.O.V.

After years of hating Harry Potter, wondering why people are so obsessed with him, I can finally see it. He is caring, he's compassionate, he's quite kind, and he's just a real person. He's real just like the rest of us, he has feelings, he has been hurt before, but he is strong enough to carry on. And I admire that.

If I'm honest with myself, now that I've given him a chance, he's quite a laugh and he's really not a bad guy, and I feel really horrible for being such a git to him.

After we got past the reasons for being here, we started talking about other things, in attempts to lighten the mood a little. It worked, because now he's laughing and I'm laughing, and I'm actually starting to feel better.

We started talking about our favourite Quidditch teams and our childhood stories, and a few of Harry's adventures that the school didn't hear about. We were just discussing how once, when Harry was at muggle school, he randomly got on top of the roof... Accidental magic at it's finest.

"You want to know a pathetic little story about me?" I asked, laughing softly at the though of the messy haired boy suddenly finding himself ten feet above anywhere he would normally be able to reach.

"Oh? The great Slytherin Prince admits to being pathetic?" He replied with a playful grin. I really like this side of him. I really like this playful grin. And I REALLY like that this grin is directed at me. I never thought I would see the day Harry Potter smiled at me in any way. But man, am I ever glad he is.

"Hey, I was three, cut me some slack. Toddlers are allowed to be pathetic." I said, and gently pushed at his shoulder.

"Okay, let's hear it then. The tale of Draco Malfoy's demise." Harry said, in the haughtiest tone he could muster, while trying not to laugh.

"Stop making a big deal of it, Harry!" I mumbled, feeling my cheeks heat up a little. I don't even know why I'm blushing, but just hearing him talk like that is embarrassing.

"Fine, I won't make a big deal out of it then," he said, pushing his face into a bored expression. "So, what happened... Mate?" He said in a voice about two octaves lower than usual, then burst out laughing.

"Well-" I couldn't help it, and I joined him laughing. After we caught our breath and controlled our laughter, I decided to actually get on with it and tell him my story.

"Well, when I was three, I saw this bird, right? And it was a really pretty bird, it was bright pink and I don't know, it was just really cool... Anyways, so I decided, at the wise age of three, to chase the 'pretty birdy'," I gave him a look of exasperation. "Well, you can guess how that turned out."

"Let me guess, you ran after it, it led you into a forest, and then flew into a tree. Then you ran into the tree. Am I right?!" He laughed, a hopeful expression on his face.

"Um... No." Now, Harry put on the face of a little kid who had their candy stolen, and pretended to cry.

"I'm never right!!" He sobbed dramatically, clutching at his heart, and laughing.

"God, I'm sorry! Calm down!! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" I went along with him, because hey, this was entertaining.

"You mean it?" Harry said, raising his voice higher than the average pitch of a girl, eyes wide and hopeful. He batted his eyelashes, and then burst out laughing again.

"Yeah. I mean it." I said, seriously at first, then laughed again.

"No, but after I decided to chase my birdy, it decided that it didn't like me. So it turned around, and bit me. IT BIT ME!! Like who does it think it is?!" I said huffily, showing Harry the place it had bit my left elbow.

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