Summertime Sadness » Drarry

Summertime Sadness » Drarry

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victoria By evvans Updated Dec 02, 2016

Harry is abused physically, verbally, mentally, you name it. A broken boy is forced to be a hero in a world he never even knew existed, and it's doing his head in. After a horrific beating from Uncle Vernon, Harry feels lonelier than ever. He calls out for the only person who might be able to help him get away from his home. A loyal hose elf takes him and throws him into the biggest adventure yet.



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the_only_true_trash the_only_true_trash Oct 12, 2017
Yeah. This author just gained a follower and a really enthusiastic reader.
Dudders... He never got to tell Harry he Didn't think he was a waste of space did he?
the_only_true_trash the_only_true_trash Oct 12, 2017
Okay let's all be honest with our self if Dudley hasn't said that 1 line in the beginning of the deathly Hallows we would still hate him.
TurnTwoPage394 TurnTwoPage394 Dec 29, 2017
I know this sounds morbid but what shade of purple was it btw great first paragraph
liberty4561 liberty4561 Nov 26, 2017
I know he was freed by this time. I do not care. Doby is adorable.
What does everyone have against Hefflepuffs? I don't get it.