7: Unraveling The Past

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"H're. Keep this." She took his hand and placed a rusted iron chain in his palm.

He looked at it and smiled, "What is this greeny?"

She giggled as he was holding the chain upside down.

"It's like this ya churl." She placed the chain correctly in his hand, "It's a necklace. Same as mine." She showed him her necklace which was also rusted.

"Ya made these... For us?" She nodded eagerly and her eyes lit up.

"Mama gave me the supplies. I wanted a gold chain but..." Poor child looked down and fiddled with her fingers thinking she couldn't even give her best friend a proper necklace.

He smiled at her and pushed her chin up to look at him, "Greeny. I want nothing. Just our friendship. Just the thought of ya giving this to me makes me happy. I'll forever protect this."

Her eyes lit up and a wide smile took over her lips, "Forever?" He nodded and engulfed her in his arms feeling nothing but joy.

"Forver." He repeated.

"Liar!" She spat and pulled away from his hug.

She looked at him with fury burning in her eyes.

He was baffled but before he could say anything he was being held and taken away from her.

"Take him! He's nothing but a liar!"

He wiggled around in the knight's hold trying to remove their hold from him.

"Nay! I am nay a liar!"

"Ya left me! I waited for ya! Ya are nothing but filth to me, ya traitor!"

He saw her fade away into thin her with only her ashes left behind.

"Nay! Nay! I love ya!"

"Nay!!" Arlen jerked up from his sleep with sweat forming on his forehead.

He was panting and breathing hard.

He felt the walls closing around him and his demons coming close.



"Nothing but a traitor!"

He felt air closing around him and with trembling hands he picked up the water glass and gulped it down in one go.

He dropped the steel glass back on the floor making a cling sound pulling him out of his trance.

"Nay. Iam nay some filth. Nay a traitor. Iam nay all that. Nay all that!" He screamed and pulled his hair breathing heavily with tears rolling down his cheek.

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