6: I Love Ya

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Arlen walked beside Emerald who was taking him in between the forest trails to show him her house

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Arlen walked beside Emerald who was taking him in between the forest trails to show him her house.

After having sudden misunderstandings varying between them, Emerald knew that the limited time she has with him, she has to spend it wisely.

"Just around this corne'. Right.....ther'." Emerald pointed to a well built house that had about two guards pacing in front of it.

Arlen's eyes widened and eyebrows shot up as he saw the house of his lady. It was small yet classy, better than his horrendous cottage.

"That?" Arlen asked still confused. Emerald nodded.

"But did ya nay say that ya lived in a forest?" Arlen questioned turning to her.

"Aye. And that's nay lie ther'. This is just where I...grew up and where my actual place is. But I just like to stay in the forest....with nature and surrounded by that beauty." Arlen nodded and smiled at her.

Suddenly he looked behind and saw a squirrel which startled him causing him to fall on his derriere making the leaves around him crunch and scrunch.

Emerald face palmed herself and was about to say something when they heard.

"Oye! Who's there? Show yourself!" Arlen looked up at her with eyes wide as saucers and Emerald just shook her head puckering her lips.

When they didn't respond they heard another question which they also ignored. "You peasants!" Shortly after the yell a boomerang came flying and hit Arlen just by an inch. Gladly he ducked on time with his heart racing badly.

He was about to run away with Emerald when he was grabbed and thrown in front of the guards on the ground.

"Who're you?" He heard one of the guards ask him as he checked for any weapons on the now panting Arlen.

"Arlen. I work for thee Lord. I don't mean any harm." Arlen said raising his hands up in surrender.

He looked back and saw Emerald still behind the tree looking at him with sweat beads forming on her forehead.

He smiled at her but that smile was wiped off when he was grabbed by his collar and was forced to stand up on the ground.

"What's a peasant like you doing here?" The guard or the scary guy according to Arlen, asked.

He looked behind and saw one more guard looking at him with a grimace. Nothing new to him.

"I came with my beauty to visit the residence." Arlen spoke grabbing the guards hand and making him let go of his collar which was now ripped out.

Both the guards looked at each other and gave each other a look. "Your beauty? You're nay handsome."

Arlen looked at them confused when the guard shook his head and asked. "That house?"

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