5: Unrequited Love

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He groaned sitting up and rubbed his eyes looking at the sundial in his room

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He groaned sitting up and rubbed his eyes looking at the sundial in his room.

So early. He thought.

It was earlier than his usual routine but later than sunrise.

Another knock echoed in the small cottage making Arlen jolt up from his sleep.

He opened the door with his half shut eyes. But what he saw made his eyes widen.

There stood his beauty at his door wearing the same green hood that she always wore but looking beautiful none the less. Her raven hair opened, cascading down to her waist making Arlen check her out shamelessly.

In other cases Emerald would have laughed and snapped her fingers in front of him to get him out of his trance but this time she had other things that occupied her attention.

Things like Arlen not wearing a shirt.

Her eyes were widen with her mouth slightly ajar. She was shamelessly checking him out. He was only in a pair of breeches which were losely placed on his waist making his V line prominent to Emerald casuing her to blush even wider.

He didn't have muscles like every other knight in the village that made ladies swoon. But what he did have was slightly toned body from working in the scorching sun every now and then.

Arlen looked up at her after eyeing her bossom only to see her eyes widen at his body.

He looked down and his own eyes widen when he realized the cause for making the lady malfunction.

He looked up at her but she didn't move. Her eyes were fixated at his shaven toned body.

He rushed inside and slammed the door at Emerald's face casuing her to jump and finally be back from her wonder land.

What a man he is hiding all his jewels like that. She thought and slurpped her drool which made it's way to her face after she drooled on the guy who gives her chills for days.

Just then, Arlen came back but wearing a ragged robe much to Emerald's dismay.

He smirked seeing her wiping the corner of her mouth. She looked away as she couldn't meet his gaze after drooling at him for so long.

"Lady Emerald. What a pleasure seeing ya here on this fine morning." Arlen broke the ice and Emerald looked up at him. She cleared her throat but before she could say anything Arlen opened the door wide.

"May ya come in, my beauty?" Emerald smiled at him feeling her insides doing flips.

She nodded and swiftly placed her left foot on the wodden floor of the cottage. She entered and smiled.

He closed the door and stood with his back on the door watching his beauty looking around to his not so homely house.

"It's beautiful" she spoke in her british tone and Arlen chuckled.

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