4: Before The Sunset

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They were both laying down watching the sun rays cast on each other's face

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They were both laying down watching the sun rays cast on each other's face.

She's beautiful. He thought.

His fingers itched to touch her, touch her smooth and pale skin. Touch those rosey cheeks that always glow due to his effect on her.

He's handsome. She thought.

She frowned wanting to touch him. Kiss him. She wanted to feel him against her. Touch him and make him say those forbidden words to her.

Neither of them said a word and just kept watching the sun shifting from the east to the west slowly.

"Why do ya live in the forest?"

Emerald was taken aback from his sudden question. She always liked talking to him. She liked knowing him. His past. But right now she wanted nothing more than to hide in her beloved cave.

"Why do ya always wear them green dark hoods?"

Her eyes widened as she realized where he was going with these questions.

"Why don't ya let me..... Touch ya?"

This was the last straw as she quickly sat up and watched him.

"Don't look at me like that. Iam curious." He sat up. "Curious to know the girl who I have been meeting for the past sunrises."

Emerald clenched her jaw and looked away. Her heart felt heavy. She didn't have the courage to answer him.

"What are ya hiding?"

Her eyes snapped to him and she stood up.

"N-nothing. Iam hiding nothing. What's with your never ending questions?"

He stood up and dusted his breeches.

"Me? Let's talk about ya Emerald. I want to know... Things about ya. Things that make me question ya." He said getting serious.

She looked down at the ground kicking the small pebbles and rolling them on the sand.

She hated this confession. She hated talking about herself. She hated being asked to. But, she didn't want her admirer to hate her even before the secret was spilled. She didn't want him to think as if she didn't trust him. She wanted him to be comfortable. Comfortable with her.

She took a deep breath and sat back down. Arlen followed her. She looked at her fingers and intertwined them together. Something she does when she's nervous. And Arlen was quick to catch up.

"Ask away. Slowly" she said and gulped wanting to run away.

"Why do ya live in the forest?"

She looked at the sun and then back at him.

"It's my home. My place. Don't know what I am missing on." She shrugged her shoulders as if it was normal.

His eyebrows furrowed and he asked, "If ya need hel-" she put her hand forward in a gesture to stop him.

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