3: A Friendly Date

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30 Sunrises later:

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30 Sunrises later:

"Emerald c'me out!" Arlen spoke once again hoping the beauty would come out of her hiding but much to his dismay, she didn't.

Arlen came in the early sunrise to meet his beauty as he has been for the past month. Only to find out she wasn't there.

Suddenly he felt a gush of wind pass by him and he snapped his head in the particular direction only to find nothing.

"Jesus Christ lady, hail!!" He tried once again but all his efforts were in vain.

Where could she possibly be? He thought and just then he heard her sweet melodious laughter.

"Really Arlen?" His eyes widened when he saw the beauty coming out of a hole in the tree.

She had a big smile on her face but it vanished and turned into a frown when Arlen rushed upto her and was about to hug her when she took several steps back, maintaining a distance between the two.

My beauty stepped back as if I had burnt her. He thought and Emerald looked down when she noticed the visible hurt on his face.

She didn't want to do this to him. She really didn't. But he would hate her once he found out. He'll despise her just like everyone else.

Just like everyone else. The thought was simple and a little insecuritive, but for her it wasn't insecurity. It were the nightmares that'll later haunt her. The demons who will hold her captive.

She was afraid. Afraid of being rejected.

Arlen looked at her raven black hair which were hiding her beauty and those gem like emerald eyes by cascading down on her face and acting as if a curtain.

He was hurt. He wanted to touch her, hold her, feel her. Be more comfortable with her. But he would respect her and if that means waiting for her for an eternity, then so be it.

He smiled looking at her being all cute and shy, "Why do ya always scare me? Do ya nay want me to live? Die of a possible heart attack?"

Her head snapped upwards, looking at the man who she thought would be mad at her, but instead here he was laughing and cracking jokes with her.

She smiled at him wholeheartedly and spoke with an amused tone, "I like scaring ya. It's fun to see ya all riled up and annoyed."

Her giggles caused a sensation in his auditory system which caused him to smile wider and blush furiously.

"And besides, friends scare each other 'ight?. ..well, too bad ya can't scare me." She smiled at him knowing that's impossible.

He didn't listen to her as he had his attention focused on a word she had spoken. Friends.

He looked down at his coat as negative thoughts made their way into his mind.

Who would like a 20 year old man with no money to no looks? He thought and looked up at her to see her frowning at him.

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