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Justin and I left his apartment in his yellow Lamborghini. It was a really low car that I found it difficult to get in and out of but I kind of liked the attention it got us when we stopped at traffic lights and at the restaurant Justin was taking me to.

I hoped that my pastel blue sweater, white skinnies and white wedges were good enough for the day, especially because I didn't know what else Justin had in store for me.

We had pizza.

The sight of Justin having an unhealthy meal made me smile a little because I knew that he wouldn't dine this way in normal circumstances. I liked it when he was young; I liked that I made him young.

"I'm going to have to put in an extra 20 minutes at the gym after today." Justin said as he ate.

I smiled and shook my head at him.

"You sound like a woman." I said.

"Well, one of us needs to worry about their health. You don't even work out."

"I don't need to lose any weight."

"People don't necessarily go to gym because they want to lose weight, sweetheart." Justin smiled.

I pouted and shrugged.

"If you want, we can jog around the block some time?" Justin suggested.

I was about to say no but I remembered how much he'd done for me over the past couple of months. Jogging didn't seem so hard and I knew very well that jogging with him would be a sight worth sweating for.

"I don't have any jogging clothes." I teased Justin.

He smiled that amused smile and cocked his head to the side.

"Dileah, are you messing with me? Because you should know by now that, that is no excuse when it comes to me. You can say no to me. I can understand if jogging isn't your thing."

"I'm just playing, Justin. Jogging with you is going to be so... hot." I teasingly bit my lip.

Justin laughed.

"Well, seeing you in tight pants and a sports bra..."

"A sports bra?" I giggled. "Who said anything about a sports bra?"

"I was just trying my luck." He smiled.

"I'll wear one if you go shirtless?" I suggested.

Justin threw his head back and laughed.

"Oh you're good at negotiating, Dileah. Deal." He said.

I smiled proudly to myself and took a bite of my pizza.

Justin's phone rang and my heart dropped a little. I was hoping to have him to myself all day.

'He's a busy man. He doesn't have Ferraris and all that from sitting around and having pizza with women.'

His posture tensed and I knew it wasn't good news. I watched him clench his jaw and switch his phone off.

"W-We can head back to the house if... you know." I said softly.

Justin looked at me and shook his head slightly.

"No, it's not important." He said.

"If it's work, Justin..."

"It's not work. It's Kelly. Can we go back to enjoying our day please?"

I said nothing in response, knowing that Justin's mood had shifted.

I slowly ate my food, keeping my eyes away from him.

Kelly most likely wanted that date with Justin and I guess she was right to because she won that bidding competition. But I wasn't stupid. I knew she still loved Justin and I hated that. I didn't want to feel like I was competing for Justin because I felt I'd lose.

"I'm sorry, Dileah." Justin softly spoke.

I couldn't look at him. I didn't like it when he was angry or upset. It took me to a dark place.

"I'm done eating." I said softly.

He sighed.


I looked up at him.

"She wants to go on that date with you, Justin." I said.

"I don't want to have the stupid date. Not with her."

"She still likes you. She made it clear at the charity thing." I tried to smile so it didn't look like I was hurting.

I knew I'd always lose, somehow. I mean, Justin loved me but Kelly was Richard's favourite. You know you're winning when the head of the family likes you. I didn't stand a chance against a rich, super model type of woman when I was here depending on Justin for everything but air.

"I love you." Justin held my hand. "I love you, Dileah."

Was that enough?

I simply nodded my head and sipped my drink.

"We don't have to go to the basketball game I got tickets for." Justin said, "We can go some other time or something."

"You got us basketball tickets?" I was surprised.

Randy loved NBA but I never paid mind to it. It was an interesting sport but I was clueless about it. But watching it for the first time in the actual crowd...

"Oh Justin." I chuckled lightly, "That sounds like so much fun."


I nodded.

"I'm clueless about basketball though. But... it does seem like fun."

His smile returned to his face slowly.

"Miami Heats is playing." He informed me.

"Is that the team we're cheering for?" I smiled.

"Absolutely. And we got front row seats so it's gonna be amazing."

"I've never watched a game like that before." I said.

"That's okay. Hopefully this experience is one you never forget." Justin smiled warmly at me and I knew that the rest of the day would be alright.

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