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The cold New York weather was my welcome party. In the airport, everyone had family to welcome them and all I had was a man with a big sign that said "Dileah Banks" and "New York cab services". Justin had to do with this, I knew it.

I walked up to the man and greeted him. He took my bag and we walked through the airport, I followed him close behind.

I felt so lost in the world. I really had no place and with each step I took, I beat myself up about leaving Justin.

Justin wasn't in the house when I left. Catherine said that he'd gone off to work and I knew that he didn't want to say goodbye. That hurt my feelings but, at the same time, it made me feel relieved.

I'd left Justin a note in his study to thank him for all he'd done for me and I tried to explain how I felt. On that note, I'd placed the bracelet and necklace he'd given me.

As I made it to the cab , my stomach tied itself up into a knot as I realised that I was nearing my destination. I had no idea what was awaiting me but I braced myself and decided to be smart about some things.

Out of my pocket, I got my phone. I switched it on and put it on silent. I then got some tissue from the box that was behind my headrest and wrapped it up before carefully tucking it into my bra.

I was tired from all the crying and I craved rest but I knew I wouldn't get any. Not with Randy involved.

The cab pulled up right in front of Randy's and my mouth went dry.

I looked at the driver but said nothing.

"Did I get the address wrong, ma'am?" He looked at me through the rear view mirror.

I quickly shook my head.

"I d-don't have money to pay you." I said softly.

Not that the $100 000 cheque Justin gave me would've helped in this situation anyway.

"It's already been paid for." He said.


"That doesn't usually happen. He gave a good tip too. You must be really special to the guy, for him to be so worried about your arrival." The driver smiled.

I tried to smile but I couldn't. I felt paralyzed.

"Thanks for the ride." I said as I opened the door.

I got my bag out the boot and made my way up the familiar path slowly.

The cab didn't move an inch, even as I knocked on the door.

Randy opened up and had a smug look on his face.

"Well, well, well." He said.

The smell of weed filled my nose, making me sick. Poor Ms Jones...

"Where is she?" I said.

Randy looked over my shoulder at the cab.

"Where is she, Randy?" I said again.

Randy stared at the driver until he drove off. He then pulled me into the house and locked the door.

"Sit." He said to me.

I put my bag down and sat on the couch.

The house was a mess, as usual, and I noticed the dishes that piled up in the kitchen sink.

'Please don't make me clean up.' I prayed silently.

"Last time we were here, I ended up passed out on this very floor. Remember?" Randy smiled.

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