2: Returning The Favor

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"Get the boat ready churl, Lord Winder orders

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"Get the boat ready churl, Lord Winder orders." Fool.

Poor Arlen nodded and clenched his fists wanting to break the jaw of the young knight who had a pretty big foul mouth for his age.

"And get your scutage from thee king, even though it wouldn't cause anything to your poverty" The young knight laughed and slapped Arlen's back causing him to jolt forward due to force and for the young knight to remove his hand.

"Now my hand is dirty, I shall cut my hand off my body before the poverty germs get to me too." Arlen just rolled his eyes and continued watering his flowers.

When all the knights left he looked around and sneakily left for the forest.

"Hail! Emerald!" He shouted upon reaching the forest.

He was really happy to meet her and felt his heart beating fast at the mere thought of him meeting his beauty.

His beauty. The thought alone made him blush not realizing that Emerald jumped in front of him scaring the sunrise out of him.

"Lady! Ya scared the sunrise out of me." The beauty just laughed wholeheartedly and smiled at him clutching his heart obviously afraid.

"Apology Arlen, but I like to greet ya this way. Much more fun." The second his name rolled off her tongue, being coated by her sweet angelic voice, he felt blood rush to his cheeks and his heart to beat as fast as a track horse.

She giggled snapping him out of his trance and for him to look at her sitting on the same log. It seems like it's their place now. As if they have marked that log as theirs.

He went beside her and sat on the other log, looking at her beautiful Raven black hair to flow and bounce with the wind.

"Say, anything happened today?" Emerald asked while fiddling with her fingers. She could feel the same energy that Arlen could feel between them causing her to blush too.

"Nay, nothing other than the same insults and looks of grimace people throwing at me. And let's not talk about that young witless knight. I wanted to break his jaw and hear him groan in pain." Arlen spoke with clenched fists and jaw.

Emerald raised her hand to hold his hand in hers to comfort him but her eyes widened knowing she can't. She lowered her hand in sadness and looked away not wanting to meet his eyes. It was hurtful. Alot.

"Can I ask ya a question, Arlen?" He nodded his head and gulped feeling the same blush, heart race when she took his name.

"Did ya not care about how ya were commiting a sin by taking ya precious life?" Arlen was a bit taken aback from her question. He wanted to answer. He really did. But he didn't know with what. What would he answer? That he did thought. That he was about to commit a sin and leave this world with his soul going to hell?

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