🌸Interview(47): Remember Me

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Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to yet another lovely session of our interviews!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to yet another lovely session of our interviews!

Who is excited?

(Crowd goes wild!)
-Thank you. Thank you.😀

Today, I am not in the studio. No, I am not.

Some very awesome fans recommended a very unique book and since Zara was using the studio, I went over to his house for the interview.

I am talking about his holy cuteness, the superstar, Lord_Of_Fanfics with his book, "Remember me"

I know y'all are gasping at his handsomeness😎, I mean who wouldn't?

He is a guy!😉

And he wrote a love story!😉

And there's an AI in it!😋

Okay, I'll shut up now. . .

Let the interview begin!


Li: First question, tell me about your story, 'Remember me'
I found the plot quite intriguing. . .

Lo: It's a story following Conner Bailey, a college student who had just gone through a fight with his girlfriend of 5 years, Bree Campbell. 💏

He finds her with another guy at the coffee shop where he works and he's heartbroken.🙇

However, when he goes to his parents' house for a family reunion, he finds out that she's gone through a process to erase him from her memory. 🤖

Should I tell the whole plot or just the start?🤔

Li: No no!
This snippet is okay to lure in readers. . .😈

(That's right people, if you want to find out more, go check out the book.
You can find it in my reading list,'Interviewed books' or the author's profile)🤖🤖

Lo: Oh gotcha!
Conner is faced with a choice: Does he follow in her footsteps and erase her from his own memory or does he choose to remember her? 🤖

Li: Wow😶
I think Connor is the Avatar on your profile, am I right or am I right? 😏

Lo: That's actually a self portrait that I did a little while ago😁

Li: Ooh the cute avatar I am seeing is you?!😱

(Okay, I know I just contradicted myself. I am not in his house, we are just having a discord convo😹)

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