Chapter 11

I woke up a further two times that night and it was the same for the rest of the week. I couldn't stop seeing Danny's beautiful little face all pale and lifeless amongst the other dead. It made my heart ache and my head hurt. How could I stop something when I didn't even know what the hell I was meant to stop? They were all dead but there was no clue as to how they died, they were just there on the floor and I was stood with Ezekiel, who ironically enough was the name for the Angel of Destruction. Does it mean I have to hurt him so that they don't die? I hope not because murder isn't within my capabilities.

 Stumbling up to Lucius' office, I tapped on the door before walking in without waiting for a response. I was completely shattered and was glad that it was Friday. It meant that I would have two days to try and catch up on sleep but for some reason I knew the weekend was going to cause me more stress that I earned from working with Lucius.

He was sat behind his desk, his eyes closed as he lounged back into the plush leather, his feet resting on top of the pile of papers that I had spent an hour arranging yesterday. I felt like using the files in my hands to beat him around the head but instead I cleared my throat, not wishing to piss off the man who literally held my life in his hands. If he fired me, I would have no home so as much as the man annoyed me sometimes, I just had to put up with it.

Lucius' eyes flashed open and he glared at me before his eyes landed upon the files in my grasp. He sat up quickly, only managing to knock off half of the paper on his desk, whilst he held his hand outstretched for the files. Rolling my eyes in disdain, I slapped the files into his hands before crouching down and retrieving the rest of the files, making sure I didn't show him anything unnecessary in the process. Some people, who would want to impress the fool, would probably bend over making sure their butt was facing his direction so that he could admire the view but to me that screamed trying too hard and I don't want to impress him anyway. Besides if I did that the man might get the wrong idea, he often got the wrong idea, like with the girl from accounting who he tried to seduce but it turned out was in a committed relationship with a catalogue model called Trudy. He couldn't walk straight for a week after that incident.

Chuckling at the thought, I quickly rearranged the pages and then placed them neatly back on the pile before slumping onto the chair in front of Lucius' desk. He eyed me over the top of the files, a pout on his lips as he looked between me and where the papers had been scattered on the floor as if he could magically make me redo the whole thing.

 "You're no fun." He muttered under his breath after a moment before opening the files and reading through them, a frown getting larger and more distinct as the time went on. "Not good, not good at all." I watched nervously as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair, his eyes moving back and forth in rapid stilted movements as his eyes read over the pages. After about two minutes he slapped the file on to the desk and looked across the mountains of paper to me and gave me and overly sweet smile which meant I wasn't going to like the task. "Miss Holmes, I have a new job for you." He smirked at me probably sensing my apprehension, with him I have to be apprehensive about every word that comes out of his mouth.

When he didn't speak straight away, I rolled my eyes and tapped my fingers impatiently on the arm of the chair, hoping it would irritate him enough for him to finish his sentence.  "What job have you got for me oh wise and wonderful Lucius?" I finally asked with sarcasm laced heavily into my words but being Lucius he decided to ignore.

"You think I'm wise and wonderful?" he grinned to himself and puffed his chest out in pride. "I always knew she would fall for my charm. Now to get her to-" I cut him off from that track of mind not needing his sudden heated gaze to know what his mind was thinking about. What is it with this guy? He seriously has issues. Maybe we should bring back Blondie the light bulb. I'm sure she can glow for him again if he asks her to. I shuddered in revulsion at where my own thoughts had gone before I gave Lucius a pointed look. He jutted his lip out and pouted but thankfully his eyes returned to their normal mischievous selves. "Fine party pooper, you know you want me." He smooched his lips together at me and I had to stop myself from laughing in his face. He's good looking but he is also a jackass which in my opinion cancels everything out.

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