Chapter 17

We hadn’t even managed to get to the car before trouble was upon us. As soon as the door opened I could hear the roar of angry people and my eyes were drawn to the source. The gates to the property were bowing under the pressure of the growing swell of people. It resembled what could only be described as angry mob and there was no other word for it, it was terrifying. The shadowed faces flickered in and out of sight due to the flickering of the flames but every time I saw a face I wished that the grotesque face would melt into darkness once more.

“What’s going on?” I questioned as Lucius cussed before grasped my hand and dragging me over to the car. His eyes working over the people at the gate before shaking his head and pulling open the car door.

“Just get in, there’s not too many yet but if we stay any longer that gate is gonna cave and we will never get out.” His tone scared me because I knew it was the honest truth. Gulping I slid across the seat before taking Danny as he was passed into the car and then strapping him into the car seat. Lucius slid in beside me as Gabriel got into the driver’s seat and Ezekiel after a quick survey of the area got into the passenger seat. “Take the old servant’s exit. “ Lucius barked as the car was put into drive at the same time a crash came from the gate and the metal clanged to the ground.

“And where is the other exit?” Gabriel called out as he glanced at the angry hoards rushing towards us, knives glinting in the evening light with a multitude of other weapons that they had probably just creating from debris they had found on the way here.

“Go around the other side of the castle and between the old outhouse and the shed is a dirt track. It looks overgrown and unused but it is a glamour. Drive straight through it and it will take you to the other exit.” Lucius barked as the people were getting closer and closer. I could feel my heart race as I tried not to get into a full scale panic attic but when the bloodthirsty are upon you, there is only so much you can do to keep calm before you start to panic.

I could see the ‘glamour’ as it was illuminated by the headlights. The pathway looked like it was blocked by overhanging branched and a pile of dead branches and other debris. Gabriel looked in the mirror to meet Lucius’ eyes once before he put pedal to the metal and with a roar of the engine we disappeared into the thick brush. The shimmered around us turning to mist that caused me to shiver as if swept through the car but when I looked out of the back window it was there perfectly in place, appearing as if the track hadn’t been used in many years. It was strange to see magic so obviously. Most of the magic that had occurred around me was usually just felt, well except for the battle with the hunters. But there is was, right in front of my eyes.

We pulled onto the motorway a few minutes later after driving down the bumpy road. I was glad when we finally reached the tarmac, not sure whether the car or my butt could take any more of the bumps. The car was silent for a while and I bit my lips several times as I tried to restrain the urge to question the three men who being who they were knew more than me and were quite content to leave me in the dark. Finally, though I couldn’t take it anymore.

“So what is a session and who are the ‘uppers’?” I questioned as I toyed with hem of the top trying to act like I wasn’t insanely curious and would use some less polite methods to get the answers I sought if necessary.

The three men exchanged glances. “we don’t really want to burden you with more knowledge than necessary but as you are already in it up to your knees I suppose we should enlighten you a bit.” Gabriel murmured as he ran a hand through his hair. “The session is like a court session but this is the court of the Fey and no its not fairies. The Fey are magic, they are the earth. They were here before humans and even us. They live whilst the earth exists and when the earth perishes so will they. Essentially they are not just linked with it , they are it. The planet you walk on is alive.” I gaped and nodded my head dumbly as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I raised my hand tentatively.

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