Chapter 16

A few hours passed in rapid succession. Everyone was quiet, unsure quite what to say or do. I was the same. My mind was running over the possibilities, wondering how the hell I was supposed to save the world when I couldn’t even stop my own body from lusting after Lucius. It sent tremors through me now just thinking about it. Heck, since it happened neither of us had been able to look each other in the eye. The outfit didn’t help. The clothes that blondie had brought in were skin tight and showed too much cleavage and leg for my liking and I couldn’t even change because I had nothing else to wear.

Ever since I emerged from the bathroom I have been sitting here in the arm chair tugging the shirt to try and cover as much of my body as possible whilst studiously ignoring the others. It was working fine but at the same time, I knew that I would have to get over the fact that they had seen me naked as the day I was born and get on with the important stuff. Yet I couldn’t get past it, I felt violated. When Harmony tried to apologise I just turned my back on her giving the cold shoulder. I felt like the biggest bitch when she had left because I knew it wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t control herself and neither could I; I suppose that is what scared me the most.

My stomach grumbled breaking the silence. The little meltdown earlier meant that I missed out on the lovely fried breakfast and now I was starving. I giggled at the sound whilst wrapping an arm across my stomach to try and stop the noise.

“Pizza, doesn’t that sound good. I think it sounds good, yeah, I’ll go order some pizza.” Lucius rambled some more as he disappeared from sight his hand reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone.

“Make sure you jalapenos, I like my pizza spicy.” I shouted after him before drawing my gaze to the other two.

Gabriel and Ezekiel were sitting at opposite sides of the couch with Danny sleeping between them. It was quite amusing but the same time I wish that the two of them would just say something instead of the silent guard routine they had adopted since the incident. I stared them down trying to get them to talk first but when they kept their mouths firmly shut I knew it was up to me.

“So…what do we do now? Are we going to try and get the book back? Because I will need to arrange child care if that is the case, I’m not traipsing after some misguided idiots with Danny in tow, there’s no way I will put my little boy in harm’s way for some big mission I’m supposed to complete.” I took a deep breath as soon as I finished and then stared at the two waiting for either of them to comment but they were just silent, their gazes avoiding mine. That’s when it hit me. “You don’t know do you? You’re just as clueless as I am. Well woopty frigging doo, this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime I can see it already.”

“There are some things you don’t understand, things that even we can’t explain.” Gabriel muttered as he ran a hand through his hair. “We don’t question His word so when he sent us here 200 years ago we followed without question. What we didn’t expect was to be stuck here when our mission ended. So yes, we are as clueless as you but there is nothing we can do about it.”

I fell back in my chair feeling properly chastised and instead prayed that Lucius would come back, he was the light entertainment and with no TV I seriously needed his presence to take my mind off of things. What is more important is we needed to get some kind of plan together. So far we’ve bumbled along and I know for a fact that it was accidental that I was still even alive and the person trying to kill us isn’t going to stop so they need to get their act together.

Lucius was just stepping into the room when his phone that was still grasped in his hand trilled with the opening beats to a song that I didn’t recognise only that it was talking about bitches. I raised a brow as he smirked at me before pressing the phone to his ear. His smirk slipped from his face as his lips pressed into a firm line and he turned his back on me after nodding at Gabriel.

I stared at his back, sure that he could feel my gaze boring into him as he talked into the phone, his tone becoming gruff before her let out a sigh that I could hear from the other side of the room. He pulled the phone from his ear, stared at the inanimate object for a moment before cussing and shaking his head. Turning to face us and he avoided my gaze as he spoke.

“We need to leave. A session has been called between the uppers. We need to get there as soon as or we’re going to have some unhappy people on our backs.” He shook his head before tentatively meeting my gaze and sighing in relief when he realised I wasn’t staring at him in anger, merely curiosity. “You and Danny have to come too.”

I nodded not understanding a word that he just said except we had to leave.

“How bad is it?” Ezekiel asked looking greatly pained.

“2000.” Lucius replied in a whisper before walking to the couch and picking up the sleeping baby. I wanted to stop him from taking him because I wanted to hold him but I knew they wouldn’t let me, they always refused me saying I shouldn’t strain myself.  

“2000 what?” I asked as I pushed up from the chair and following after them desperate to know what the bloody hell was going on.

“Dead. 2000 are dead,” his voice was quiet but he could have shouted at me and it probably would have had the same effect. I stopped so that Gabriel bumped into me causing me to almost tumble to the floor if it wasn’t for the strong around my waist. Staring at Lucius it probably showed my horror but he just shook his head and continued walking. “It’s a war Savannah, this is only the beginning.”

Soo sorry that it's so short. haven't had time to write.  i will upload another chapter as soon as I can and it will be longer I promise. Thank you all for being patient.

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