1: The Beauty

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"Move it all, Move it!" The knights said to the passengers who were passing by on the boat ledge

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"Move it all, Move it!" The knights said to the passengers who were passing by on the boat ledge.

He was jolted awake from his sleep when cold water was thrown on him.

"Wake up, King's orders are for you to come to the castle for the boat scutage."

He grumbled in his breath and looked at the two knights watching him closely with their emotionless eyes.

"Aye, will be there in the night" if I be alive. He thought.

"Nay, nay the night time, King orders now!" The young knight spoke with a grimace.

He stood up from his seat and smirked as he towered over the two knights who were now looking at him with disgusting looks.

"Let us move on, shall we?" He said with a bored tone. He just wanted to get this all done with so he can spend his last time with his beloved... flowers.

He had no beloved ones, just flowers and boats he looked after to fulfill his need to eat and exist. Living was not a word he had ever heard of.

"Nay, you are not going anywhere until you don't change out of those. You know Lord Winders doesn't like beggars." The young knight spoke, he had been speaking the whole while, while the other one had been standing there on guard to behead the boat boy who was rather annoying.

"Beggars? Ya head in place? I just wore this-" he looked down at his clothes to find them filthy. There was mud covering his clothes from when he took a dive in the dirty water to fix his boat.

The once yellow color of his coat was now a filthy brown.

"Mine is, is yours? Or is all that poverty disrupting your mind?" The knight who had been standing there on guard snickered beside the young one who cracked the joke.

He clenched his jaw wanting to answer and get their derrieres set on blazing fire but he refrained, knowing he would get in trouble for causing harm to the royal knights.

With those two knights on guard behind him, he started walking in the direction of the castle.

The castle was in the way of a forest which was non-assart and has been that for quite some time now.

Upon passing by the quiet forest they heard a sound. Not like how they would of birds chirping and flowers dancing when he'd pass by every week.

He felt the same gush of wind pass by him whenever he passed by this forest.

He dismissed it as it was normal and kept walking.

Upon arriving the castle, he got in not before passing by the guards who were giving him a look of disgrace and disgust.

He took his scutage and left the castle feeling tired. Not physically but mentally.

He was passing by the same forest he passes by every week and he stopped contemplating whether he should enter to fulfill what he wanted.

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