Chapter 1: Physics Professor

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“What time will you be at try outs?”

“Right after physics.” I replied looking at my brown haired friend.

She smiled back at me and playfully rolled her eyes.

“Physics huh? Of course The Kim Dahyun is taking physics this year.”

I nudged Chaeyoung in the shoulder as we sat down at our table in the quad.

“Shut up, physics is appropriate for a senior.”

“Not a barely 17 year old senior.” she teased.

“Fuck you, I’ve been 17 for a month.”

It’s not my fault I’m so smart I was able to skip 10th grade. I may be a year younger, but mentally and emotionally I was much older than 90 percent of the student body. She knew my situation, knew why I had to grow up fast, but still couldn’t help but tease me.

Not mad. That’s just Chaeyoung. She’s the comedic relief in tragedy.

I took out my lunch from my backpack and began to chow down on it without shame. Lunch and breaks. My favorite periods of the day.

“Of course, and while you’re 17, we will all be 18 soon. You will be left all alone when we are all out partying.” she teased me.

I shot a glare at Chaeyoung before I felt a touch wrap my shoulders.

“Oh Chaeyoung, you know we will sneak Kim here into any party.”

Looking at the scruffy boy sitting next to me I smirked and scooted closer to Chaeyoung. Vernon the young man who’s had a crush on me since elementary school. Sure he’s grown into his looks and being on water polo team, he was in shape. But I only saw him as my brother, nothing more nothing less.

“Hansol your flirting is pathetic.” said a voice I knew all too well.

Thank you Jungkook for saving the day. I made eye contact with and nodded my head thanking him. He smiled back at me and began to stuff his mouth full of pizza.

“Besides-” he continued not bothering to swallow before he opened his mouth. “Dahyun, is gonna be too busy with varsity volleyball and her 3.8 GPA to be concerned with going to parties.”

I threw carrot stick at him my mom packed in my lunch.

Yes my mom still puts my shit together.

Don’t fucking judge me.

“I think it’s great Dahyun is doing well, she’s going to have all sorts colleges to pick from.” Jennie added joining the group for lunch.

“Ugh, don’t remind.” I groaned.

I don’t need to hear anymore about college. My mom was already pestering me about higher education. That’s cool, I don’t hate on any one who wants to go to college. Mom teaches middle school and my dad is a cop. They seem happy with their routes but at the end of the day, neither of those occupations is what I want.

I don’t know what it is but I know I want to experience life, not be trapped in more books and tests. I want run and own a company. Be my own boss.

“Well whatever you decide to do, we got you Hyun.” Chaeyoung replied sending a wink my way.

Fuck, I love this girl.

“What class do you have next again?”

Was I being spoken to?

Turning my head in the direction of the voice I saw Vernon grinning sheepishly at me.

Was it him?

“I have gym next. Like I have had for the last couple months.”

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