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"Camilla!!!" My mum shouted from downstairs.

"I'm coming mum!" I said as I hurried down the stairs quickly with my hands clutched on my school bag.

"You gonna be late for school, Camilla," My mum said smiling a bit at me as she served scrambled eggs and toast for me.

"Mum, she's such a weirdo," Lillian said rolling her eyes.

"Whatever," I murmured adjusting my big frame eyeglasses before sitting on the dining chair.

"Mum, you need to give your daughter a lecture on dressing," Lillian said as she gave me a smug look.

"Leave her alone!" Mum said with a sigh as she looked at me.

"What's wrong with my dressing?"I asked.

I was wearing a long black pleating skirt with a white shirt that has a black dot print on it.

I tucked in, I Know I was lagging when it comes to dressing and fashion but I don't see any reason why is it some people's problem.

I'm a nerd as I was popularly called in school cause it was just me and my books.

Did I say I was popular?

Yes, that's because I was prey to bullying, almost everyone made sure they picked on me and tormented my life.

I lost all the self-esteem I had in me.

Now that summer break was over, I was terrified of even stepping back into that school.

The worst of all is him...

"Camilla, why did you stop eating?" My mum asked concerned bringing me out of my thoughts.

"N-No it's nothing," I stammered as I took a bite of my food immediately.

Mum gazed at me for a while before going back to the sink.

We lost our dad to kidney disease, things had been so difficult for us ever since then, we were nothing compared to poverty.

Mum had been trying to keep things up by working in a grocery store, sometimes I go there after school to help her.

Our situation would have worsened if Dad didn't buy a cottage before he died.

Lillian had finished high school last two years and is working as a waitress in one of the big restaurants in the city.

She supported the family with the little she had also, I so much envy her because of the way she carries herself elegantly and her sense of fashion.

Even with the little we had, I was so much happy and contented with it.

I know very soon our story would change if I had the chance of going to the university.

Lillian lost interest in college and kept on with her work but I'm determined to go to university after high school.


"Camilla! Get the hell out of there!" Beatrice shouted from outside as I choked on my food standing up immediately.

"Your crazy friend is around," Mum chuckled as she cleaned her hands with the napkin.

"See you later mum!" I said as I scurried out of the house.

"Hey, baby girl!" Beatrice beamed at me.

"Hey!" I said shyly as I clutched my hands on my bag and turned around the car as I opened the door and got in.

"We would be late to school," Beatrice said as she applied more lip gloss on her lips and smeared them together.

I rolled my eyes, Beatrice was someone I would put in the category of hot, I wonder how someone like her would end up sticking with me.

She was rich and also famous in school, she would always stand up with anyone who tried to bully me in school if she's there.

She was the only friend I had and the one who understands me the most.

Too bad we aren't in the same class, so I often had to struggle myself.

"We would only be late, if you don't keep that make-up of yours down," I said.

"One more thing," She said as she applied eyeliner.

I rolled my eyes shaking my head as I brought out my iPhone 5 to check the time.

My phone was outdated but I still appreciate it, it was the last gift my dad gave to me on my 17th birthday before he passed away and I cherished it so much.

"Yeah, I'm done!" She said looking at herself in the mirror.

"How do I look?" She asked turning to me.

"Perfect!" I said with a smile.

"Thank you! You should also apply some make-up too," She grinned offering her make-up items to me.

"N-No thanks, I'm okay like this," I said nervously.

"Too boring!" She said sticking out her tongue at me before she ignited her blue sports car and zoomed off.

I never had make-up on my face before and the day my sister forced me to have one, I looked like a zombie even though she said I looked like an angel, it didn't last up to five minutes before I washed it away.

Yeah! Believe me when I said Beatrice was a rich dude.

"School, here we come!!" She yelled energetic as I laughed.

She looked beautiful as the air blew her hair.

"Here, take a picture of me." She said as she handed me her iPhone

I rolled my eyes as I unlocked her phone and went to the camera and took a different shot of her.

I shivered as we drove into the school compound.

Beatrice found a place in the car park and parked her car.

I wished Beatrice was in the same class with me, she was the only savior I had in school.

"Baby, I know you're tensed up right now but everything will be okay, just try as much as possible to avoid anyone's trouble," She assured me squeezing my hands a little.

"Okay, thanks sweetie," I said as my eyes glistened with tears, I couldn't help but draw her in for a hug.

She hugged me back too before we withdrew and carried our bags.

I stepped out of the car and I could feel all eyes on me.

I heard some laughter and those whose eyes could kill were on me.

"OMG sees how she dresses," One of the girls mocked.

"It's so irritating," another said with disgust as she eyes me.

"Let's go," Beatrice said behind me glaring at the girls as she drew me closer to her side.

I walked in my flowing long pleated skirt as I bowed my head a little.

I and Beatrice walked up to my locker.

"I have to get to class now, see you during the break," She smiled hugging me once more before going to her class.

She was wearing a short red tennis skirt with white blazers.

I sighed as I turned back to my locker and opened it, I brought out some books I left there and was about to close it when a loud thud echoed through the hallway.

"Long time no see, sparrow"

I felt like peeing on myself due to terror.


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