The Party Before My Birthday

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"I cannot wait to party with you. This is going to be the best night ever!"

I couldn't help but giggle in response, the feeling of excitement overcoming my anxiety and nerves.

It's party time!


"Trish!" I groan, staring in shock at the shortest dress in history.

"I cannot wear that! I'll look like I belong on a street corner!" I explain, handing her the dress back. I was sprawl out on her bed, watching as she rips apart every corner of her wardrobe.

"Jake will like it," she winks, causing me to shoot her a stone cold glare.

"I don't dress to please a guy."

She rolls her eyes playfully before disappearing back inside her wardrobe. Yes, it really is big enough to get lost in.

"Aha!" she yells triumphantly, appearing with a dress in her hands. It's gold, short and covered with sequins. I gawk at the dress and throw Trish an amused look.

"How many prostitute costumes do you own?"

Trish gasps, her eyes widening before she takes a second look at the dress.

"Okay maybe you're right, only a little. This one is definitely a no." Trish grimaces before hanging the dress back up.

"I think I'll dress myself Trish," I smile, rolling off the bed and heading for her wardrobe. That's how I end up two hours later wearing a long sleeved top with ripped jeans and black boots. My outfit covers the scars and bruises running up and down my body and that's good enough for me. My hair is curled to perfection and I've applied more makeup than usual with some red lipstick and dark eyeliner.

I'm definitely channeling my inner Taylor Swift.

I spritz myself with some perfume before standing back and scrutinising myself in the mirror.

"Wow. We look hot," I grin, holding my hand in the air for Trish to high five. Trish beams back at me and slaps my hand hard.

"Yes we do." Trish smiles, adjusting her bright pink crop top. She wore it over black distressed jeans matched with pink stiletto heels. Trish doesn't leave her house for a party without bringing her bright pink heels.

"Come on, we've got a party to get to!" Trish giggles excitedly, grabbing my hand and dragging me out of her room. A smile stretched across my face and I felt my level of excitement rise quickly. This is really happening.

Tonight is the night I break my party virginity.

"Let's make my first party a memorable one." I grin, feeling completely carefree. It's time for me to finally act like a teenager.


As soon as the taxi parked up outside and I step out, I gaze up at Ivory's house in slight awe. The large building stood in front of me was decorated beautifully from the outside, the garden kept trimmed and flowers looked after. Two expensive looking cars are parked across the driveway, their shine so bright despite it already being dark.

"Wow," I say under my breath, my stomach breaking out into nervous butterflies. Beside me, Trish let out a low whistle.

"Are you ready?" She asks me, holding out her palm. I glance down at it before nodding. She takes hold of my hand, intertwining our fingers together. Her warmth spreads through my palm, calming down the nerves bubbling inside of me.

When we enter, the hallway and living room is crowded with teenagers, laughing and chatting. The music blared all around the house, bouncing off the walls. I crane my neck, noticing a large group of tightly packed people dancing in the living room. Across from them, a bunch of guys are playing beer pong, clutching bottles of alcohol with silly carefree smiles on their faces.

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