( Prince And Nya ) "Whipped Cream ;)"

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After you got back from your little sister's wedding you and Prince took your showers. After your shower, you decided to clean up. You were washing the dishes in one of your jerseys (no panties) when he walked up on you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

Prince: Come here.

he tried to pull you away from the sink but you held onto it.

You: Im washing the dishes pr-

Prince: You been teasing me all day.

he said, interrupting you. Rubbing what felt like a hard-on against your ass. He whispered some things in your ear that had you weak in the knees, he had to catch you.

Prince: Come on ;)

He picked you up and placed you on the counter, pulling you to the edge.

He spreaded your legs wide open, but you closed them before he dove in, head first.

You smiled your teasing smile.

Prince: Dont.

He tried to open them, but you kept them closed tight.

You: Wait til im done the dishes.

You bit your lip and jumped off the counter, bending over in front of him to continue with your dish washing.

He grabbed your waist and enter you roughly from behind. He started off slow, just how you liked it. He pulled out of you, picked you up and carried you over to couch and threw you down.

Prince: Stay here, I'll be back.

He came back with a can of whipped cream.

You: Really? -.-

You didnt think he was serious.

Princeton: Lick the cream off of me like how you was licking it off those strawberries at the wedding.

He took off his pants and boxers, and handed you the can. You sprayed it on his dick and began licking the tip.. Slowly. Teasing him.

Prince: Dont..

He bit his lip and watched. The whole time you licked, he watched. Turning him on even more.

You: You like that ?

Prince: Stop teasing me, and suck.

he demanded.

You: Dont tell me what to-

Before you could finish, he pushed you onto your back and began fucking you.. Hard.

You threw your head back and tried not to moan.

He was fucking you slow, but hard. He knew how you liked it.

You: Priiiiiince..

You moaned in his ear.

Prince: You like that ?

He turned you around and started fucking you doggy style; his favorite position. He came ten minutes, but he still kept going

You: Fuck me, papiiii.

You moaned to him.

Prince: Shutup.

He pushed it in as far as it could go, making sure to hit all your walls before you came.

You held on tight to the couch trying to hold in your screams.

Prince: Dont hold it in. Let it alll out, baby.

He reached down, playing with your clit while fucking your brains out.

You: Ahhhhh, im about to cum..

You moaned.

He stopped fuckeing you and turned you over, onto your back.

You: Why'd you stoppp ?

You whined.

He sprayed some whip cream on your throbbing pussy and licked it all off. Then he went to your clit and slowly sucked on it. You automatically arched your back, spreading your legs farther apart so that he could get every inch of you.

You: Lick faster.

He licked slower.

You felt him smile.

You: Pleeeeeease, papi, pleeeease.

He still didnt listen.

You pushed his head farther in between your legs and he started to lick faster and faster. You couldnt take it, he was killing you.

He entered his fingers inside you, still flicking his tongue back and forth against your clit.

You grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his head furthur.

Without warning, all of your juices flowed into his mouth. He loved it.

Prince: We're all sticky. How about a shower? ;)

Uh Oh!!!!!! Round 2!!!!!!!!

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