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"Ink!" Dream shouted worriedly as ink was smashed through the houses by error who was known as Destroyer of AU's.

Nightmare gang that consist Dust sans from Dusttale, Horror from Horrortale, Killer from Killertale, and Cross from X-tale(but cross is at the base btw). They are Nightmare gang that help to spread negativity throughout the multiverse.

Blue is currently in the support as Ink is a frontline fighter and Dream is the long-range fighter.

They are currently trying to protect an AU copy from Underfell.

"INK ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" Blue said as he rushes to Ink side , only to stop halfway as he felt something on ink atmosphere change drastically. Ink got up and was holding himself up as he hold on to his crack eye sockets, and look at his blood which is the color black. He only took a quick looks at his blood and quickly went to battle error. Error saw this and sent a gaster blaster on ink way only for ink to create an ink wall and transport behind error who look surprise as ink heavy hits him with his paintbrush on his skull. Blue who saw this look horrified.



Nightmare who was battling his twin who took a quick look at error at the same time Ink Hit error with his paintbrush. 


Nightmare widen his eyes and quickly he exhaust  dream and went to attack Ink along with the gang who were helping nightmare attacking dream, Ink looks down at error who now has a giant crack on his skull. Error who was down looks up at ink only to widen his eyes as ink pupils are... not colorful. Just plain white eyelights, with a terrifying aura.

Killer lunge at Ink who only side dodge at Killer attack,  but Horror who was behind Ink swing his axe at Ink who summoned ink bones and block the attack. By then nightmare is already with the injured error. Dust summoned gaster blasters and bones attack and aimed it at ink who is being hold by horror and his axe and ink summon bone. Horror quickly teleported out of the range of Dust attack. As smoke comes out of where Dust fired his attack. When the smoke settles down Ink was there as the gang was surprise by his survival they prepare their attack at ink. Ink just look at where nightmare and error are, the gang saw this quickly together tried launch an attack at ink who was standing there quietly and looking at nightmare and error.

Nightmare saw Ink looking at them and was surprise to not feel anything from Ink. So making a quick decision he uses his tendril to hold the three who were going to launch the attack as well as the injured error got teleport/retreat out.

Ink who was standing silently looking at the spot where nightmare was gone. Dream who is still exhausted came to ink in hand on ink shoulder.

"Ink *huff* Did you *huff* drink paint?" Dream although exhausted uses his aura to make ink feel and he also question ink.

"No" Ink answered in a monotone voice.

"YOU SHOULD TAKE A SIP OF YOUR PAINT NOW INK" Blue said worriedly at Ink as well as unable to unseen at the ruthless action ink did to error. Ink took a sip on his paint which changes his eye light color in every blink.

"Am alright now" Ink reassured dream and blue who both sigh at relief and ink quickly made a portal to Ink house. As both dream and blue follow ink as he enter his realm/world.


Nightmare who teleported himself and his gang to his castle and went to the medical bay where cross is waiting. Cross who was eating... bunch of chocolate?... look up from the snacks he was eating. His eyes narrowed down to error who is injured yet aware and he is slightly glitching as he has haphephobia. Cross look shock and quickly went to error as he settles error down to one of the beds.

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