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Jake n Johnnie one shots! by intulogicalnerd
Jake n Johnnie one shots!by Watermelon3ee
This will contain smut, fluff and angst. Trigger warnings will be listed in the beginning of each chapter.
Aether's Adventures!! || Aether BL || [ PROGRESS ] by aethersrealhusband
Aether's Adventures!! || Aether aethersrealhusband
Hello!! I am not new to writing nor Wattpad I just made a separate new acc ^^ I hope you enjoy my progress so far<3 --------------- STORY SO FAR IN NUTSHELL : Aether...
Origins Away  (DISCONTINUED) by ItsMangoPudding
Origins Away (DISCONTINUED)by ItsMangoPudding
Tommy suddenly woke up in a unknown place... and what was that it's himself. AKA: DSMP!Tommy mets Origin!Tommy. With some nice conflict, on the way. Cover Made By: @its...
Falling into another world (Lssmp AU) by Racoon_Lad
Falling into another world ( Scotty
Why hello hi, I'm very bored This au is still on going so do be patient with the chapters- Poggies-centric cuz why not Anyways, enjoy!! (tw's will be in the chapters bt...
To The Cross, I Will Not Bow. | SONA by ClownyCozy07
To The Cross, I Will Not Bow. | Atlas
"Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders. . ." . . . Hell has stood for millions upon millions of years. Less than perfect, but it has stood. But, as...
MCYT One Shots :D by TinyAzalea101
MCYT One Shots :Dby InTheTinyAzalea
Several unrelated(unless stated otherwise) one shots about mcyt :) SMPs featured so far- -Witchcraft SMP -Life Series -Outsiders SMP SMPs I will (hopefully) include- -He...
HP Oneshots by perpetual_breakdown
HP Oneshotsby thyme
oneshots, usually to do with headcanons, rare ships, and generally things i want to write. i will not be writing things i dont ship unless you give a very compelling ar...
Black as Ink by AmeliaForEli
Black as Inkby LazyAmeliaforEli
As you may know Ink is the creator, protector and guardian of AU's. But how did ink came to be like how error came to be as we all know ink came from an unfinish au and...
Hogwarts Party Scenarios by BlueRoses789
Hogwarts Party Scenariosby Blue Roses
Four different stories (not related to one another) of the reader party crashing. Have fun! Part one: Slytherin party Part two: Gryffindor Party Part three: Hufflepuff p...
Just Outer Space by ArmondBlueBerry
Just Outer Spaceby ArmondBlueBerry
A new astronaut, Dr. Murtaza Bartel, has been kidnapped on his way to the OBISS. It wasn't humans who did it, but aliens who knew they were real! - unfortunately, not al...
The Storybook by firetimefoxy
The Storybookby Storywriter
Don't really know how to describe this story to be honest but I promise it will get good in later chapters I already have several story arcs planned out with many unique...
mostly idv oneshots by andrussy-power
mostly idv oneshotsby andrussy
I'm here now don't know for how long but I'm here all the info is on the first chapter uhhh idk have a nice day I guess
Art book ig 🤷 by ShrimpyRat420
Art book ig 🤷by Akui_Ryu
All of my art that I have made in the past few years.
My Best Friend is the Devil but he's Subscribed to Pewdiepie So I Can't Object  by AnonymousPegasister
My Best Friend is the Devil but im so sorry
Lana's really busy at the moment- exams are coming up, she's babysitting her siblings all the time, and she juggles a part-time job on top of that. So when her best fri...
One-shots! by UnikitFox
One-shots!by weed
"Oh my god, another book," you might be thinking. Don't worry, I'm thinking the same thing! *laughs then starts crying* But it's fine-
The Stick World by AStudentWriter
The Stick Worldby Sami
Two young teens. One project that changed their lives and solved a local mystery, learning about a whole new world in the process. What happened? Read to find out. [UPDA...
Taekook au where enemies taehyung and jungkook decide to save jimin from getting rusticated. The story is full of adventure, fun and lots and lots of banter. Hopefully y...
The Fog by Galaxy_foxx87
The Fogby Scoot scoot
Imagine a universe, where it's a lot like ours but one day; There was a worldwide phenomenon where a mysterious, a foul smelling, dark fog appears in the mostly populate...