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Chapter 8

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Camila's pov.

I woke up the next morning and did my usual ruitine for school. "Ready mija? You look beautiful." My mom said standing by my door step smiling.

"Thanks mom. And yes." I told her looking in the mirror one more time. I got dressed wearing a a grey shirt that is short sleeved and showed my stomach a little and a washed blue jeans with white converse. I grabbed my back pack and ran out the door into my moms car.

We drove to school and I was telling her everything about Y/n. She was just smiling and listening the whole time. We pulled up to school and I ran in since I was almost late.

I got into english and looked for Y/n who wasn't there. I went in and sat in my usual seat. I decided to text her. It's so boring with out her next to me.

To Dork: Where are you?

Yes I finally changed her contact. I was about to put my phone away when she texted me back.

From Dork: Miss me already? ;)

I could see the smirk on her face. Even through a text. I couldn't help but laugh.

To Dork: Yeah :( Where are you?

I texted her waiting for her to reply.

"Ms. L/n you're late." Ms. Jones said starting the lesson.

Y/n just ignored her and walked down the aisle smirking at me. She looks so good in her skinny jeans, black lacrosse hoodie that said her L/n on it, and black vans.

I couldn't help but smile at how dorky she is. "Morning shorty." Y/n said winking at me. "Morning dork. Why were you late?" I asked trying not to laugh.

"Fight last night and then just could not sleep. I missed you to much." She said cutely. I couldn't help but blush. After that I just focused on the lesson.

The whole class all I could feel was Y/n staring at me. Everytime I looked at her she just winks.

"Hey shorty." She whispered to me but I just ignored her. "Pssss..." She whispered louder. Everyone stopped and looked at us. Girls were sending me death glares. But that's to bad Y/n is mine.

"Ms. L/n do you have something to share with the class?" Ms. Jones asked looking mad. "Actually I do. I just wanted to say how beautiful my girlfriend looks." Y/n said causing me to blush.

''Oh and also if anyone tries to look or touch or even talk to her I will fuck you up. I don't want her going through all of your bullshit." She said to the class just as the bell rang we packed up and she dragged me out of the classroom.

When we got into the hallway she interlocked our fingers. "Thank you." I said stopping and standing on my tippy toes to give her a kiss on the cheek. "Anytime babe." She said pecking my lips.

We walked into second period together and I went to my usual seat which was next to some kid. Y/n saw him and got angry. "Be nice." I whispered into her ear. She just rolled her eyes walking up to the kid and looked at him.

"Excuse me can I please sit there?'' Y/n said through gritted teeth. She is so mean but so funny. I couldn't help but laugh. She looked at me and softened a bit. The kid looked up and saw it was Y/n and ran from his seat.

Y/n smirked at me and sat down. Throughout the class Y/n was annoying me trying to get my attention by throwing things at me, passing notes, texting, and whispering my name.

"Camilaaaa." Y/n said one last time putitng her head down. She is so cute. Ally saw everything and laughed. I felt my phone vibrate.

From Ally: What are you doing stop ignoring that hottie.

She said making me glare at her. She is to cute to be mad at.

I saw Y/n raise her hand. "Can I go to the bathroom?" Y/n asked somewhat nicely. "You are going to miss things." The teacher said warning Y/n. "Please we all know i have the highest average in this class.''  She said standing up angrily.

The teacher just nodded and Y/n walked out. "L/n there you are." I heard someone yell down the hall to Y/n.

I heard Y/n laugh and running. What trouble is she getting in to. There was a minute left in class when  she came back. She took her stuff and left. I was at my locker and heard the bell ring and started to walk to lunch.

While I was walking I felt someone grab me. I was pushed up against the wall and felt a pair of soft lips roughly kissing my own. The taste of them I would never forget.

''Don't ignore me like that Karla.'' Y/n whispered harshly in my ear and her accent stronger and huskier. Her voice is so hot. I felt myself getting turnt on. I moaned when she started biting my neck definately leaving little hickies.

"Do you know what you do to me?" She whispered out of breath.

After our hot make out session was over we walked to lunch together. When we walked into the lunchroom everyone went quiet. "What is everyone looking at?" Y/n said angrily. I love that she is so blunt and doesn't care.

"Hey Camila." I heard Dinah say to me sweetly. "Hi." I told her shyly.

I walked to my lunch table with Y/n and Dinah following me like puppy dogs .They are so adorable. Their friendship is goals.

"Excuse me lovely ladies may we please sit with you?" Y/n asked causing everyone at the table to laugh.  "Of course." We all said happily. Everyone introduced each other and we were just having a fun time.

"Hey shorty?" Y/n asked nervously scratching the back of her neck and biting her lip. God bless. "Yes dork?'' I asked laughing at her.

"So you know how the lacrosse game is tonight?" She asked going through her pack pack. ''Yes of course that's all everyone talks about." I told her confused. (In this school lacrosse is like the biggest sport you can play in this school. Also teen wolf reference.) "Well I was wondering if you wanted to wear my jersey?" She asked taking it out. I nodded excitedly yes and she gave it to me.

"Put it on." She said happily. Y/n is very passionate about lacrosse she is the team camptain. I did as she said and put the jersey on. She looked at me with a look in her eyes. Was it love?

I brushed that thought away and was staring at the jersey. Her jersey was blue and purple. She was number 7. I loved how it said her last name. I felt honored to wear it.

I looked up and saw Y/n took a picture of me. "You look so beautiful in my jersey shorty."

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