chapter one

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There's different kinds of people in the world some kind and excepting and then there's your family the evil and denying people. Your family consist of you brother, mom and dad. Where do you start there's abuse, rape, and hurtful words. You dad rapes you your mom beats you for you "taking" him from her and blames you for the fact and your brother ha! Your brother insults you everywhere you go trips you laughs at you becuse you different. Ya you hate that word. And today you've finally had it.

"Hey freak." Your mother barked. But you didn't respond just sat and staired at the wall of your room.

"I'm talking to you, ya shit!" She yelled. You still didn't respond to her then she slapped you. You didn't move nor react just sat still stairing at wall. She tried to slap you again but you grabbed her wrist and snapped it. She was about to yelp in pain but you covers her mouth before she can then pin her down still covering her mouth. Quickly finding a weapon (a pencil) and stab her several times. You got up from her body she was still alive but on the verg or death to weak to scream or run.

You walked down stairs and went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife when you turned your brother was there wide eyed and frozen in fear, you take this chance to stab him and slit his neck.

"No witnesses." You said as your tail flickered in delight that you where so close to freedom that you could taste it... That or blood. As you headed up stairs your dad came out of his room in a frantice search for your mom, but found you instead.

"(Y-y/n)?" You grinned at his confusion and stupidity. Using the your speed to knock him down and stab him till he stoped moving. You ran to your room and packed your stuff like clothes and skecth book and any evidence you lived there. Once finished you ran off twords the woods where always felt at home.

"*huff* hey woods! Miss me?" You said to no one.

-/time skip\-

After some time of serching you finally find a small empty cabin and settle there for the night. Then you saw a hatchet appear on the on the kithen island.

"That's not mine?" You wandered out loud. You looked around and heard nothing so shrugged it off or you were going to but heard a creak and jurked your head back and purked up you ears, but quickly put them down as you since a presence.

"Come out now!" You growled. The presence seemed shaken at you capabilities. You would have laughed but there was a threat here.

"H-how did you hear me?"

"Huh?" You were surprised to see a teen with a mouth guard and goggles and another hatchet.

"Whoa is tha-t a tail!?" He ticed.

"Ya and!? What about it! Who are you and why are you here!" You shot him with questions.

"I just thought its weird a mor-tal has animal like featur-es, and Toby lastly to ki-ll."

"I'm not going down with out a fight." You took the hatchet off the island and luged twords him. He quickly doged and triped you so you fall on your stomach, you quickly recover and strike him hitting his back. He didn't yelp in pain.

"Can't feel pain." He chuckled. Then pinned you down on then stopped.

"Umm... Hello?" You blinked in confusion to why he wasn't killing you.

"I-i can't d-do its just," he got a grip on your ears. "you look s-so kawii!!!" He pulled and petted your ears.

"Ow s-stop p-please it hurts!" You tried pushing him off but then he pulled your tail and you frozen. Blushing you told him again to stop.

"Who a-re you anyways?" Toby asked getting off the ground.


"Pretty name for a pretty girl. Why are you out here?"

"I um killed my family." You staired at the floor.

"Oh ok." Was all he said.

"T-thats all!?"

"I'm a k-iller what do y-ou expect?"

"I don't know a that's wrong even if they hurt you or bad! Something to make me feel guilty and turn myself in!"

"I don't want you to get tur-ned in."

"Why not!?"

"You're c-ute." You blushed lightly at his comment.

"Well then I'm hiding here." You said turning back twords the kitchen. Suddenly the presance was gone. You sighed knowing you probably had to leave the cabin now. 'Maybe I can still stay one night?' You thoght as you prepared a place to sleep. Little did you know that was the worst idea you've ever had...

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