What if Cale turned into a child? (1)

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Forgive me if my grammar is horrible 〒▽〒) English is not my mother tongue and I still have limited vocabulary. 

My mind just generated this situation the moment I see this picture on Pinterest (I'm a regular there lol):

My mind just generated this situation the moment I see this picture on Pinterest (I'm a regular there lol):

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AND! AND! I. JUST. HAD. TO! I just had to write even though I know I am totally a no-experience writer. But, hng. I need a record of this to read in the future- which I know I will totally regret, with my cringy writings and all. 

I think also one of the reason is to at least suffice my boredom while waiting for the next chapter of TCF to come out HAHAHA



And as the festival was coming to its peak- right after the blue moon rose to the sky... everyone was flabbergasted as they watch an utterly shocking turn of events through the video communication device that was connected to the Palace.

Their great hero, young master silver shield, the continent's greatest hero- or whatever they call him- 


A childish voice came out from the redhead who sat on the marble floor with his clothes that was too big on his tiny body.


"...Ron, can I not go?" 

The redhead slacker, Cale, buried his face on the soft pillow and asked with a sluggish voice towards the vicious old butler who was currently putting the cup away that once contained lemon tea.

"It is a customary, young master." 

Cale shivered when his eyes met with the old assassin who was smiling benignly, yet again.

Cale turned away and stared at the ceiling all the while moving slowly. He has been rolling around his bed, eating, sleeping and farming after their fight with the white star. It has only been 2 years since that time and he was hiding in the Super Rock villa- avoiding any public appearances. The silver shields that he saw every time he goes outside, the cheers and the titles flying around is traumatizing him.


Cale can only sigh and sat up on his bed when he heard running footsteps and soon the door to his room opened with a bang and 3 children came in running towards his bed.

"Rosalyn-noona said there will be a festival, nya!"
"Let's go, nya!"

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