I told you so

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You woke up, head hurting. You was in an unfamiliar room on an unfamiliar bed naked. Wait naked! You stuggle against the chains which held you tightly onto the bed. Your legs were spread. You hear a shower running.
"Hello?" you say then the shower comes to a stop.
"I was gonna shower but now" A naked Neji stood in front of you. You gasped at the sight of him.
"Neji, Let me go!" you had that rough voice on again. He poked his finger into your clit. You tried to close your legs but couldn't because of the chains.
"Just accept it" He says seductivly and moves his finger about. This hurt you and you went really uncomfortable. "Im guessing your a virgin" he says and adds another finger. This eased the pain a bit but still hurt.

He laid on top of you and put his left hand on your boob. He licked your ear and squeezed your boob. He smirked and put his finger back into your clit.
"I told you, you would want me" he says feeling how wet and tight you had become. You nodded.
"un-chain me then enter me!" you beg. He unchains you and then lines himself up with your opening. "Neji, im a virgin" You stutter.
"Ill be gentle" and then he enters you.

It hurts at first but then it is a LOT of pleasure for you. You slip out a moan and Neji smirks.
"HARDER!" You yell loudly. He is slightly shocked that your voice could go that loud and then he thrusted into you hard. You moan loudly again. He slows down and gets harder and deeper into you. You put your hands on his waist and lead him in deeper. "Neji, I'm gonna cum" you warn him and a seductive smirk enters his face.
"Go on and do it then" He says and you do cum. He feels it and smirks then he rolls over so you are on top off him. "Your turn" he says panting.

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