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(A/N- this story was requested, it is not for the innocent or faint hearted)

He sat staring at you again. Watching as you ate your lunch with your friends. He always did that. You and him were friends but you never really talked much, he just stared at you. It was creepy. You realised that he was getting closer and closer to you.

The day Naruto never showed up for lunch because he had a cold was the day Neji sat next to you.
"Hey Neji" you said with a soft voice. He stared at you still.
"You are driving me crazy" He says. You look at him kind of upset.
"Listen here Hyuga, I didn't ask you to sit here, you just did so if you have a problem with me you can just go away!" You said angrily, but you didn't raise your voice. That is what stopped people picking on you. You were terrifiying because you never raised your voice.
"Its not that type of crazy" he said in a seductive voice. His hand found its way onto your leg close to your pussy. This made you uncomfortable and your breathing grew heavy.

"Neji..." you peeled his hand off your leg, "I dont roll that way" You got up and moved to the other side of the table to finish eating your lunch.
"You will do" he says and winks. 'What is with him?' you think. You drop your chopsticks and go to pick them up. You bend down and pick them up. You looked at Neji from under the table. His dick was seriously errect. He moved round a bit then you felt a hand spank your ass.
"Hey!" you say and bang your head on the table before getting out from under the table. "Look, we are friends and thats all you will ever be Neji, so please stop touching me!"

You start to walk away to get some clean chopsticks but Neji pulls your waist and tightly holds you. He licks your ear and kisses it before saying.
"soon, you will be begging for me. I know your fate is that, and you cannot escape your fate" He whispers. You shiver and he releases you so you could go get some new chopsticks.
"That will never happen!" you say before walking away. You didn't return.  

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