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(Neji's POV)

I looked up at her. My dick throbbing slightly and I was breathless.
"Your turn" I told her. She nodded and moved her hips slightly. "Let me help you with that" I told her and took a hold of her waist. I helped her thrust me into herself. She got better and better and started doing it on her own. I kept hold of her waist though. She thrusted hard and I let out a moan. I cummed in her leaving my hot seed then rolled over again so I was on top of her. She looked at me. I withdrawed from her.
"NEJI GIVE ME MORE!" I looked at her and smirked then walked away from her teasingly.
"I think the wall wants me more" I said teasing her. I start to hump the wall and she leaks all over the bed. Smirking, I rubbed myself seeing that she was getting wetter and wetter. I licked her wetness away and then kept my tongue in her. I licked her out and she moaned. I pulled out again and stuck my dick by her mouth. She opened her mouth and I inserted it into her mouth.
"Good girl (Y/N)" I said to her as she sucked my throbbing cock.

I took it out of her mouth and thrusted it quickly back into her pussy. She moaned Loud. I thrust into her very hard, making sure my seed gets to its destination.
"Beg for mercy" I ordered her, she shook her head so I went into her very fast, very deep and very hard. She moaned and he pussy filled with cum. destroying her pussy, I fill her up. I will make sure she gets pregant.

(your pov)
He kept thrusting into me for hours and hours before he withdrew again. He laid next to me and kissed me.
"I love you (Y/N)" he says and then falls to sleep.
"I love you to Neji" i whisper and fall asleep next to him.

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