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You sat eating your dinner at home. You dert go near Neji but you knew he would come to you. You would have a heart attack if you went to him. You stood up and went outside onto your balcony. You looked around and he was there. He was underneath your balcony looking up to you.
"Hey baby, You left me alone" He says with a seductive voice, "I may need to make you pay for that."

You started to walk back inside but Neji jumped up onto the balcony,
"I will have to give you punishment" he says with a slight purr. You start to run but slip and hit the floor. You black out

(Neji's POV)

She ran from me and hit her head when she fell. I picked her up and looked at her, my hard dick getting harder. I take her to a secret place I like to go to when I wanna get away from my family. It has a bed on it and there is chains in a draw. Perfect.

I remove all her clothing and look at her. My dick grows bigger. I chain her legs apart on the bed so I can get a good look at her clit. Shes such a beautiful woman. I chain her hands behind her head on the bed. I leave the room and wait for her to wake. Its no fun raping someone.

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