Chapter 1

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Year 850


An excruciating noise rang out, spreading across the Trost district. Golden light flashed, blinding you as the temperature suddenly rose by something that seemed like 40°C. Complete silence followed, the only thing daring to break it was the quiet sizzling of hot steam creeping out from it's body. The group could not help but stare in absolute terror at what had suddenly appeared in front of you. A gush of hot steam sent you all tumbling over the edge of the wall.

'What the hell'

"Everyone! ODM gear! Now!", you screamed, before you could really collect your thoughts. You stabilized yourself, placing your feet firmly on the wall. You look around you, seeing your friends do the same, their feet pressed against the stone.

"SAMUEL", Connie suddenly screamed.

Your heart raced as you looked below Connie, eyeing an unconscious Samuel as he fell further and further away from you.

'Oh no Samuel...'

Your breath quickened.

'Not this again! This is not happening again!', you tried to convince yourself.

Knowing you were wrong you look up, only able to see the continuous stream of burning steam radiating from that monster. The same monster that has haunted your dreams ever since it showed itself 5 years ago...


Year 845

It was a nice summers day in the Shiganshina district, the sun shining bright, warming everything in it's reach. You sit up, scooting closer to the tree providing shelter from the ruthless sun. Whenever you're in need of some alone time, you always sit in this very spot in the plains of the inside of Wall Maria. You study the familiar sight of the 50-metre wall made of solid stone.

You close your eyes, relaxing onto the tree trunk.

"-o me a favour.."

You open your eyes again, looking around to see where the voices came from.

"Don't let anyone know I was crying, alright?"

'Crying? '

You squinted your eyes, trying to focus enough on the two silhouettes walking past you, a little distance away from your relaxing spot. You recognized them as Mikasa and Eren, Grisha and Carla Yaeger's kids. Well, as far as you know Mikasa isn't their actual child, but she lives with them at least.

'Huh, wonder why he was crying..'

You have barely ever talked to them. The couple of times you have was because of Armin, who you were more acquainted with. You have had to help him out of a couple of fights with the district's group of idiotic, waste of time- bullies. 

You don't really know why you haven't been hanging out with them more. They seem really nice, and you know for a fact that Armin is. That's why you help protect him when you can. Good people need to be cherished and protected in a world where so much evil and viciousness literally roamed the grounds. You guess the reasoning behind it is that you just get very nervous around new people, so it is easier to just be alone sometimes.

Your leg started twitching, signalling you have been lingering around here for to long and it was time to get up and head back home.

You made sure to bring the blue 'forget me not' flower you picked on the way here. You wanted to give it to your mom. Both of your parents work hard to earn their keep, your dad working on the crops here on the fields inside Wall Maria and your mom taking care of the house as well as working as the town's seamstress. It is nothing fancy though, mostly minor repairs as people who live here doesn't really have enough money to splurge on new clothes. That's why you live here after all. The poorer you are, the closer to the titans you get. It's weird to think that just behind those very walls, there are hundreds of man-eating giants literally trying to claw their way inside.

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