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7:10 a.m.

Kita Shinsuke looked irritatingly at the time on his phone as he stood on the sidewalk outside his home, his black jacket and hair lightly dusted with a fresh coating of snow. He sighed and placed his phone back in his pocket, reaching his hand up and brushing the snow off of his hair.

Shimada Megumi took another drag of her cigarette and glanced over at her boss, noticing the irritated look on his face. Kita wasn't one to easily show his emotions, his face was typically stoic and unreadable. "Maybe he's uh....stuck in traffic," Megumi said, trying to ease the tension.

Kita turned his head and looked blankly at her, "We don't even have traffic lights 'round here let alone traffic," he stated, "he isn't gettin' out of this easily. He was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago."

Megumi nodded and looked at the sky watching the snow come down. Maybe putting her twin in charge of picking them up this morning was a bad idea. She didn't mind if Kenji was late, she was used to it. Being his twin for the past 23 years, she knew better than to trust his punctuality skills. Kenji has a bad habit over oversleeping, and forgetting his responsibilities.

Kita, on the other hand, is a man of punctuality and routines. He had most of his days planned down to the last detail. From morning runs, to paperwork, to farming duties, to when he would eat lunch and dinner. Over the past year Megumi had learned to adapt to his mannerisms and habits. She admired what a hard worker he was and the dedication he had not only to the farm, but to his health and lifestyle as well.

Megumi sighed and took one last drag of her cigarette before leaning down and putting it out in the snow. Standing back up, she placed it in her back pocket and looked to her left as she started to make out a pair of headlights in the distance.

Kenji drove the blue pick up truck at a concerningly fast speed down the hill towards Kita's house. Music blaring on the radio, he sung along with a lollipop in his mouth, tucked towards his right cheek. He came to a screeching halt in front of his boss and sister. With the snow falling and light fog on the car windows, he was blissfully unaware of what awaited him.

Lowering the music a bit, Kenji leaned over towards the passenger door and swung it open for the two of them, greeting them with a smile, "Mornin'~!" He sang in a happy tune, his hand still on the door handle.

Hearing no reply from the pair, he cocked his head to the side and made eye contact with Megumi and Kita. He sweat dropped and gulped at the intense glares he was receiving. Kenji slowly started to close the car door, not wanting to deal with their wrath, but before he cold Kita's hand grabbed the door and swung it back open.

"Kenji," Kita stated emotionlessly. That terrified him more than if he were to have a twinge of anger in his voice. The stern and cold voice Kita gave him when he was irritated with him chilled him to his core.

"M-mornin' Kita-senpai," Kenji stuttered with a nervous smile, letting go of the door and sitting back up straight in his seat.

Kita slid into the pick up truck first, sitting directly next to Kenji as Megumi got in the passenger seat and closed the door. Kenji gripped the steering wheel and stared straight ahead, afraid to make eye contact with the silently terrifying pair.

Megumi put her seatbelt on and Kita followed suit. As he turned and buckled himself in he noticed the clip next to his was empty. He slowly brought his gaze up and stared at Kenji, who began to grip the steering wheel as his knuckles whitened, sweat forming on his brow. He wasn't looking at his boss, but he could feel Kita's dull brown eyes staring at him in both fury and disappointment.

Quietly with careful movements, Kenji let go of the steering wheel and grabbed his seat belt, stretching it across himself. As he leaned to his side to clip the buckle in he noticed Kita hadn't moved from his leaned position. He shakily brought his gaze up, making direct eye contact with his boss as he clipped the buckle in. "There we go," he said with a nervous laugh.

As Kita continued to look at him, Kenji swallowed. Kita's hand began to reach forward and Kenji quickly closed his eyes in anticipation. Kita had never laid a hand on him before, his eyes and carefully selected words were typically punishment enough to get his point across. But Kenji knew he was really irritated with him this morning.

As he kept his eyes shut, anticipating the impact, he was shocked when the sweet strawberry flavor left his mouth. Confused, he opened his eyes and saw Kita holding the lollipop that was previously in his mouth in his hand. Kita let out a sigh and sat back up. Placing the lollipop in a receipt he pulled out of his pocket and crumbled it up.

Megumi stifled a chuckle as she watched the interaction between her boss and her twin. "You know yer not suppose' to have candy in the morning Kenji," she reminded her brother who rolled his eyes and placed his hand on the steering wheel as he started driving.

"Ah of course, thanks mom and dad. What would I do without the two of ya?" He sarcastically said.

"Have rotten teeth and die in a car crash," Kita plainly stated as Megumi let out a laugh.

Kenji huffed at the remark and his sister's reaction, "That doesn't sound too bad right now now that ya mention it," he muttered, irritated with Kita's bluntness.

Kenji continued to drive as Megumi pulled out her phone and scrolled through her social media and Kita kept a straight look ahead at the road.

Ten minutes into the drive, Kenji tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music, occasionally glancing at the pair that sat beside him. He did not understand how they could sit so quietly and not want to have a conversation. The two were typically comfortable in silence, whereas Kenji thrived in social interactions.

"So uh," he finally said, trying to break the ice in the car, "Are you guys excited for the re-opening of Sato's cafe?"

"I was excited to be there 20 minutes ago," Kita stated as he continued to stare ahead.

Kenji gripped the steering wheel as he gritted his teeth a bit as he replied, "Sorry that some of us enjoy our beauty sleep in the mornin'."

"And some of us enjoy keepin' up with our promises and not lettin' others down," Kita retorted as Kenji could hear the smirk that formed on his sisters lips.

Having had enough with the pair, Kenji turned up the music not wanting to hear them anymore. "They want to get there so bad? Oh I'll get 'em there alright" he thought to himself, pressing his foot down more on the accelerator.

Kita noticed the car picking up speed and turned his gaze towards the raven haired man sitting beside him, "Slow it down Kenji, yer driving too fast."

Kenji pressed on the accelerator a bit more as he grinned to himself and innocently replied, "I'm just gettin' us to the cafe quicker."

Megumi reached a hand up and gripped the trucks safety handle, "Kenji! We wanna get there, but we wanna get there in one piece you baka!" She exclaimed, as her brother laughed and turned his music up louder.

"Ya got it, Umi~!" Kenji shouted over the music as the truck flew down the roads in the direction of their destination.

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