Dead Batteries

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It was Friday afternoon, it was starting to get dark. Everyone was packing up getting ready to go home. You had grabbed your belongings and began to walk out.

Lee comes rushing up to you.
"Heyyy! Y/N" says Lee putting one arm around you.
"Hey Lee" you said smiling. He takes his arm off you.
"I was wondering ifff....maybe you wanted to come back to my place to watch a movie." He starts to blush intensely. "Sure sounds fun" you reply. There wasn't much to do at home anyways, and you had always liked Lee more than the others, you didn't know if it was his innocence or just the fact that he was always so sweet. Lee opens the door to his apartment, letting you walk in first. It was very clean and organized, almost like he was a clean freak but more subtle.

"Im gonna change into something more comfy." Lee says.
"Okay I'll wait out here." You said.
"Pick a movie" yelled Lee from his bedroom.

You began to grab the remote to search for a movie for you two to but it wasn't working, the batteries were dead.

"Hey Lee" you shouted. You were trying to ask where the remote batteries were but he wasn't responding. You get up to ask him. You walk to his bedroom and knock. "Leeeeee" no answer. Damn. He must not hear me you thought to yourself. You crack the door open and walk inside the room.

You walk in looking down at the remote,  taking the dead batteries out. As You look up to ask Lee about new batteries you notice mid sentence that his shirt is off,  "Hey Lee, the batteries are de-"
it caught you off guard. You felt your cheeks heat up the second you caught a glimpse. You were so flustered you didn't even notice where you were walking so you tripped over something on the floor, falling atop of Lee. You picked up your chest off him, now looking down at him straddling him. Both your arms by his head, "Shit Lee, I'm sor-"
you immediately felt him start to grow beneath you.
You both react suddenly, scrambling off eachother.
You both still sitting on the floor now apart.
"Y\N IM SO SORRY" Lee says blushing like crazy.
"I'm sorry that I made you uncomfortable, and I understand if you want to lea-"

You cut him off mid sentence with a kiss. Seeing him so flustered just did something to you. Something about him getting aroused by you just turned you on. You put your hands on his cheeks pulling his face towards you. Lee was shocked, but still Melting into the kiss, Puts both hands on your waist pulling you into him.
He picks you up off the floor and puts you on your back onto his bed. He starts to kiss down your neck marking you as he goes. "Oh the things I've wanted to do to you" Lee whispers in your ear.

He was painfully shy, but when he was aroused he had a whole new side of him come out, kind've like when he uses his Drunken Fist and gets all drunk and cocky wanting to fight the first person he sees.

But You didn't mind this new side of him and hearing him talk like this instantly made you feel your warmth start to slowly leak through your panties. You were getting soaked by the second.
He takes your shirt off revealing your black lacy bra he takes a second to admire what he was about to have all to himself, smirking before he moves back up to your mouth, this time slipping his tounge in. The kiss was so warm and wet you never wanted him to ever leave your mouth. He starts to swirl his tounge with yours. You wrap your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you, as he's slipping his hand into your panties.
"Mmm" you moan the second his fingers come into contact with you. He rubs in circles before sliding one finger in knuckle deep. Going in and out. After you begin to adjust, he slides in another finger. He starts to curl them both when they get deep inside you. He starts kissing you again wanting to feel you moan into his mouth. "It feels s-so good L-Lee" you whimper, squirming on his fingers.
"F-faster...I'm about to c-cum" you moan,
He takes his hand out and moves his face down to your heat. Taking your pants off and sliding your panties to the side, he starts licking painfully slow making your teeth clench before speeding up, swishing his tongue in circles around your clit. Sticking his tongue inside you going in and out. "Fuck-k Lee" you moan out whimpering. He puts both fingers back in curling them and still using his warm tounge. You feel the knot burning in your stomach about to release. you cover your mouth with your hand trying to muffle how loud you were being, But Lee immediately pulls your wrist from your face.
"I wanna hear your moans at the things I'm doing to you"
"I'm g-gonna.......fuck, Lee!" You moan, creaming all over his fingers. He slides his hand out of your panties licking it off his fingers.

You push him onto his back getting on top positioning yourself right below his bulge. You pull his pants off. You kitten lick him through his boxers.
You hear his breath hitch. "Mmm" he moans under his breath. You pull them down revealing his huge member. You lick all the way to the top before swirling your tounge around the tip. "That feels so good Y/N" he struggles to say. You then push all his length into your mouth, going up and down slowly.
"F-f-aster Y/N"
you comply, going up and down faster and faster before then swirling your tounge around his sensitive tip fast and using both hands to slide up and down his shaft. Now he was struggling to contain his moans. He gently puts his hand into your hair. "Don't s-stop, I'm about to cu-" he says before clenching his teeth and releasing his warm liquid down your throat. Without saying a word, he switches places, placing you beneath him. He takes your panties off positioning himself below your entrance.
"Are you ready ?"
"Mhm" you say
Placing his Hands on your waist He slides just the tip in giving you a second to adjust to his length. It hurt a bit since you were a virgin but you were too turned on in the moment to care.
"Go all the way I don't wanna wait anymore"
He listens, pushing himself all the way inside. He starts to move in and out slow.
"Mmmm" you moan softly.
"Hm?" you question.
He starts thrusting in and out hard and fast forcing you to moan louder.
"Oh my god l-Lee" you shout moaning out loud.
"Mmm Your so tight" Lee whispers.
"So w-warm"
He grabs your hand intertwining your fingers with his. Going in and out at a steady pace. He leans down to your mouth to tounge you down. The kiss was filled with moans. It was lustful but so warm and loving at the same time. He was so sweet and pure and here he was having you take all of him. He was still shy at heart but you kissing him back gave him all the reassurance he needed. You switch positions, now riding him. He's sitting up holding your waist, hugging you as he thrusts in and out of you filling the knot in your stomach that's about to burst. He was hugging your waist so you were so close to him and all your moans would flow straight into his ear. Your moans alone could drive him to climax.
You were both breathing heavily, gasping for air between moans.
"I'm gonna....fuck..I'm-m" you whimper out.
"Hold it in until I'm finished" he says struggling to be stern with all the pleasure he was feeling.
"Can I ...cum I-in you" he struggles to put together.
"Fuck-......Yes, please just - " you pause trying to hold back your moans.
"Cum in me now ! I can't hold it anymore!"
You both release onto eachother. Filling you up with his sweet release, and soaking him all in your juices. You both stay in silence for a minute to catch your breath. You get off him and flop down next to him under his sheets still trying to catch your breath. He's doing the same. "That was my first" you say shyly. "Me too" says Lee.
"I love you Lee"
"I love you more than you'll ever know"
"I always have" Lee confesses. You start to blush intensely looking away.
You put your panties on and he slides on his boxers as you two curl up together and fall asleep in each-others arms, exhausted from what you both had just done.

{Time Skip}Morning

"Ugh I need a shower" you say getting out of bed.
"Wanna come with?" you smile at Lee cheekily.
"You know I do" he says smirking.
(This will be continued in another chapter)^

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