going to Cassy's

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Destiny's pov

We are going to the mall today I need to get the kids ready and stuff

~At the mall~

Well were at the mall and we are going to buy outfits and going to go get them iPhones and if I didn't tell you Cameron is the biggest dope dealer out her on the streets so we got money

Me : dean baby wat iPhone do you want

Dean : I want the iPhone 6

Me : OK

Me : wat about you tieshia

Tieshia : I want the same one

Me : OK and wat about cj

Cj : same one

Me : OK and I'll get mickey the same one

I walked up to the cashier

Me: I'll take four iphone6s please

Cashier: that will be 1,196 dollars ma'am

Me: ok here u go

Me: let go   (Heading for the car)

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