lets find out whats going

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Destiny's pov

I'm going to call Tod and see what he was thinking when he left our six year old on the door step in the middle of the night

Tod: what do u want I'm busy

Me :wtf were you thinking tod when you left our six year old on the door step and for some b*** I can't believe you and you said when I had him you would never part with him

Tod: well things change

Me : wtf ever and I'm going to get child support so bye


Every one was up now I mean every one

Micky,tieshia, cj: mommy who's that

Me : your older brother dean he's six you kids go and play with him in your room and I'll be in there in a second

With that that all ran in the room with their big brother

I went in my room with Cameron and asked him to follow me and he did

Cameron: who is he

Me that's dean my six year old son and his daddy just dumped him here for some girl but he is going to stay with us for now cammy

Cameron: what ever makes you happy baby girl (gives destiny a kiss)

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