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Destinys POV

Hey everyone's growing up Dean is 7 now cj's 6 thieshia's 4 and today mickey turns 2 yay he's having a big party tonight but me and Cameron broke up and I ended up waiting for a while to find the right one and then I found my husband myqurious him and the kids get along and he makes us happy but me and myqurious have been planing this for weeks

Mickey: mommy mommyyyyyy

Me: yes baby

Mickey: I'm two years old today

Me: Ik baby boi are you ready to dressed

Mickey: yes mama

Myqurious walks in the room

Myqurios: hey birthday baby

Mickey: I'm not a baby I'm a big boy I'm turning two today daddy

Myqurious: mickey daddy has a present for you

Mickey: *jumps on his daddy *
What is it what is ittttttt

Myqurious: let's go outside and see

Mickey: *runs down stairs and out side *
Thanks daddy I love it

Myqurious: now you can ride four wheelers with daddy and your big brothers

Speaking of them where are they mickey didn't wake them up yet

Me: mickey where are your brothers and sisters

Mickey: there in the room
Dean was being mean thus morning

Me: I'll brb

Myqurious: bae I'm coming with you

We walk up stairs to the boys room

Me: dean

Dean: yes momma

Me: we heard you where being mean to mickey this morning

Dean: momma I'm sorry he just wouldn't leave me alone

Me: dean I understand but that's not a reasion to be mean so give me your phone

Dean: do I have to

Myqurious: yes

Dean: shut up myqurious

Me: thats it im calling your father

Dean: momma no I'm sorry

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