nobody's pov

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Destiny: kids were here


Destiny's pov

I got the kids out of the car Mickey was  sleeping so I was holding in my arms and cj and Tieshia were running around waiting so I would take them to the park

Me:kids go say hi to your godmomma

Kids:ok mommy

I still had my baby boy in my arms

Me:Mickey wake up sweetie we're at the park

Mickey in sleepy voice: ok tank u momma

Me:ok baby boy go have fun

Chassy:girl how u been

Me I've been good

Chassy:has the kids seen there dad

Me:no cj going to his daddy today and the Tieshia is going to her daddy tomorrow and Mickey daddy don't want to see him for some reason

Chassy: o I see hay look at that boy over there checking u out

Destiny: *looks*he's coming over here how do I look

Chassy u look good go get him tiger

Me shut up

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