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Destiny's POV
Dean knows when I call his dad he's in big trouble idk what his dad did to him last time but all ik ever since then if I call him he straighten up

Dean: momma no please don't call him I'm sorry *begging*

Me: nope I'm not going to allow you to be rude to your stepfather and bully your baby brother on his birthday

Dean's pov

I dont want momma to call my pops he gonna beat my ass he told me not to disrespect and I did 😣😫😥😭😭😭

Destiny pov

*phone convo*

Tod: hello

Me: hey tod

Tod: wassup destiny

Me: deans being disrespectful again he told his step father to shut up and was bulling mickey this morningn

Tod: put him on the phone

Me: here dean you dad wants you *hands him the phone*

Dean: hello

Tod: dean what did I tell you last time you acted up

Dean: dad I didn't mean it

Tod: I don't care I'm on my way be ready when I get there put your mom on the phone

Dean: yes sir here ma *hands her the phone and runs to his room crying*

Me: hello

Tod: I'm on my way to get him

Me: ok see you when you get here bye

Tod: bye

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