After the encounter with Niall I had made sure to avoid him. But today is Monday and I have to start classes, maybe he won't be in any of my classes. God that would make life easier on me.

I was finishing up applying my mascara I moved on to my liquid eyeliner, once I was finished I applied a light pink lipstick and topped it off with my Carmax Chapstick.

I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I'll stop by a shop and grab a muffin or something to eat on the way, right now I needed to get to my classes early and make sure I wouldn't be bumping into Niall anytime soon.
As I entered my Photography class I noticed Delilah sitting at the top and chatting with some other girls. I made my way up and set my stuff beside hers "you mind if I sit here?" I asked tapping her on the shoulder.
She looked back and smiled "Yeah sure. I didn't know you were in this class?" She replied squealing silently .

"Yep." I nodded sitting down and getting out a paper and pen to write on just in case.

"That's great!"

I giggled "yeah it is."

I heard the door open and close causing my attention to steal away from Delilah, to my luck it wasn't Niall who stood in the doorway but his curly haired friend Harry. His eyes roamed the seats and stopped when they got to me, he smiled and began making his way up to where I was sitting.

"Mind if I sit beside you love?" He asked gesturing to the seat on the other side of me that wasn't occupied by Delilah.

"No not all." I replied moving my stuff out of his way
He smiled and set his stuff down making himself comfortable next to me.

"So tell me doll, how has this place been to you?"

"Good except for the fact that I was stalked by your friend for a day." I replied

"Oh Horan? Don't mind him he's a good guy yeh just got to get to know him thats all."

"Doesn't seem like there's much to get to know."

"Well when it comes to a girl he wants to bed, he isn't much of a talkative guy."

"Obviously." I replied rolling my eyes

"He isn't much for talking or sharing...he used to but not anymore."

"Why not?"

"His sister was diagnosed was stage 2 Cancer last year..." He trailed off tapping the head of his eraser on the table

"Oh..I didn't know that." I stated feeling bad

"Yeah not many do, only me and some of his lads..after he heard the news he just kinda shut down.." He replied chewing his lip and looking over me
"Please don't tell him I told you...he'd slaughter me if he knew I spilled." He told me

"Don't worry....his secret is safe with me..." I replied smiling lightly

"Thanks doll."

After my introduction to photography class was over I headed over to my criminal justice class, as I walked through the door my feet froze and me heart dropped. He was here...of all classes this one he just has to ruin. I groaned and ducked my head down slipping into a seat keeping my head down. Please god don't let him see me.

I bit my lip and started doodling little sketches in my notebook, I looked up to see if he was sat down yet. He was still chatting in the doorway, but I kept my gaze locked a little to long and he looked over catching me. Fuck.

His eyes lit up with a glint of mischief and he smirked, just as he was about to make his way over to me our professor walked in the class demanding everyone to sit down or get out. The girl that was standing beside him tugged on his hand and led him onto a higher level of the seats and out of my sight.
I would have actually enjoyed the class if I didn't have that feeling that someone was staring at me from behind, finally the class was dismissed and I got up to leave the class. Stuffing my pen in my bag I got up and looked to where I assumed Niall was, he was still sitting staring at me with the corners of his pink lips tugged up in a smile.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my notebook walking out of the class in a hurry, hoping he wouldn't follow. When I was sure I was far enough from the classroom I stole a glance back and saw that he wasn't following behind. Thank god! I turned around and ran straight into the hard back of someone.

"Oomph! Sorry." I stated as I backed away
The stranger turned around laughing slightly as I was met with the most beautiful deep brown eyes.

"Haha it's okay, are you okay?" He asked in a soft raspy voice

"Y-yeah I'm fine." I stuttered out. Come one Madison say something don't just stare!
"I'm sorry I wasnt looking where I was going."

"Nah it's fine."he replied smiling his dimples appearing

We stood there awkwardly for a moment.
"I'm Carter Jensen, and you are?" He stated holding his hand out

"I'm Madison Key. Nice to meet you." I replied shaking his hand firmly

"Nice shake. Father taught you to shake properly yeah?" He laughed softly and let go brushing his fingers against mine for a moment.

"Haha yeah he's military." I replied stuffing my hands into my back pockets and shifting my weight to the side.

"Well it was nice to meet you Madison..I hope we see each other again soon." He said smiling

"Yeah me to."

"See ya later." He stated and walked off glancing back almost tripping

"DON'T DO WHAT I DID!" I shouted causing him to laugh and keep walking

Carter Jensen is mighty fine if I may say so myself...

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