The young woman lays weeping on the floor, as the cloaked figures stand in a circle around her. One cloaked figure steps forward, and lays hands on the woman's stomach. Silence. Then suddenly the young woman begins to convulse violently, screaming out in pain, as a spell spills from the lips of those surrounding her.

Dark forces, Evil Divine, hear our sovereign plea

From this woman, bring our salvation

Let all the world bow on bent knee.

The woman screams and writhes, but the figure in the circle with her, holds her down. The others continue chanting, as the figure in the middle, throws its head back and utters a prophecy, in a deep raspy voice:

"Our savior she may be.

Children of Prophecy:

Stronger than the Warrior, none.

Second only to the Chosen one.

The days seen lived in light,

But, if we act to late to strike,

The child, to us, be lost.

For love is craved, but power, is the cost."

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