Chapter 6|| This Isn't Real

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Katniss' POV
My mom and Peeta's dad put us back in school to finish off the year. I hear the whispers as I walk down the hallway with my ginormous 8 month belly showing slightly in Peeta's




I walk down the hallway as tears slip down my face. I spot Peeta.

"Another hard day?" He asks. I nod.

"How about after school we go to the meadow for a surprise." He smiles. I actually smile for a second. Then as I walk towards math by myself I hear the whispers. I run to the bathroom and pull out my razors. Not for shaving. I cut down my arm and feel the pain. Oh it feels so good. I cut deeper. Then I move to a new spot and watch the blood flow into the sink.

"Katniss Everdeen. Just the pathetic slut I was looking for. Peeta told us you paid him 5 dollars to have sex with you. He says you go around to boys and do it all the time." Delly sneers. "I bet Peeta is not even the father." She struts away laughing. Even though I only have one class left. I run home to be with Prim and my mom. I run through the door and up to my room

I put my head through my knees and rock back and forth. Peeta said that about me. Maybe he is not who I thought. Prim comes up to my room.

"Katniss?" Prim asks.

"Peeta is horrible." I sob.

"I heard about what he told people. It spread like a wildfire throughout the school." Prim says sullenly.

"Annie, Madge, and Johanna are looking for you." Prim tells me.

"Will you tell them to come over."

"Sure Kat." I look up for the first time since Prim came. She looks in horror at my face.

"am I that ugly?" I sob. Then I look in the mirror. I look like a zombie. There is blood dripping down my face and it is mixed with the tears.

"What happened?" Then I remember I cut and probably wiped my face and got blood on it. I also raked my sharp fingernails down my face. Prim takes my writs into her hands. She starts to cry.

"You cut." She mumbles, "Katniss, I am sorry about all of this. You do not deserve it." She goes and gets a wet cloth and bandaids. She wipes my cuts out and then puts bandaids on them. Then she wipes my face. Only to reveal long nail marks that go all the way down my face.

"Katniss did you do this." Prim asks worriedly. I nod. Prim is 17 now, and ver grown up. She is actually taller then me. She takes me onto her lap and cradles me close. As I curl up and cry into her she calls everyone except Peeta.

Everyone shows up. Finnick, who is like a brother to me, takes me into his arms and I cradle into him.

"Did you all know that Katniss cuts?" Prim questions as she hold out my wrists. Some gasp. Everyone shakes their head no.

"Did you know about the whispers?" Prim says. Everyone nods this time.

"We are the closest people to her beside... him... and we did not know this." Prim talks.

Then I pull my face out of Finn. People gasp.

"Katniss what did you do?" Annie asks.

"I r-raked m-my n-nails down m-my f-face." I stutter out. Annie and Madge have tears flowing down their face.

"D-did he a-actually s-say th-that." I say referring to Peeta.

"I don't know." Fitch answers. I start to sob and burrow into Finnick again. When I look at his shirt it has blood all over it. This isn't real is all I think before I black out from strangling myself.

Prim's POV
Katniss puts her hands around her throat. I didn't know what she was doing before it was too late.

"GUYS SHE JUST BLACKED OUT FROM CHOKING HERSELF!" I scream. Finnick picks her up and I see the blood on his shirt. She is losing blood fast. We all run to the hospital.

"SHE IS HURT!" Finn yells once we are inside the door. A nurse comes with a rollie bed and takes her into a room. We all sit in the waiting room. It does not take long before the doctor comes back.

"Katniss has badly bruised her throat and from loss of blood combined with strangling herself she fell into a tragic coma." The doctor announces. I start to cry. Katniss never deserved this. First, our dad died and now this. Katniss come back please.

Peeta's POV
Everyone keeps looking at my strangely. Eventually I asked somebody what was going on.

"Katniss paid you 10 dollars to have sex with her." The boy mumbles. Oh Kat! She probably heard about this. I start to text her and call her and leave messages. No answer. She is probably really mad. I decide to go to her house instead of our house.

I walk in through the door. But on the porch I saw blood trailing. I go up to her room. Blood every where. I find Annie's phone in here so I call Finnick. Maybe they have seen Katniss.

"What the fuck do you want bitch?" Finnick answers.

"All of that stuff never happened. Delly and her minions made it up. They have a huge crush on me and are jealous." I plead.

"Well it is too late. Katniss is in the hospital because she cut her wrists, rake her nails down her face, causing it to bleed, and then strangled herself to the point of being in the hospital with a coma right now." Then it hits me, I caused this. I did this. Oh My Gawd.

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