Patrick Stump Imagine (#7 Requested)

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yall need to thank @doitnowanddoitloud (the username queen) for this rad ass idea 

Patrick had told you to meet him at the venue at 8, but the show had ended at 7, so you had no idea why he wanted you so urgently.
Or why he text you and told you to 'dress super fancy'.

You were excited nonetheless.

As you rushed down through backstage, you felt Pete grab your arm. He was grinning ear to ear.

"Y/N, why don't you head on stage?" he said.
"Just... trust me." 

You tentatively took a step onto the vast platform, where you could see the entire room had been surrounded in fairy lights. There was nobody left in the audience, and only Patrick was still there.

"Hi, er, Y/N. This is going to seem crazy, but... here goes. I'm completely and utterly in love with you and all I've been able to think about for the past month is how badly I want you to be my wife. So, will you marry me?" he asked, trembling on one knee.

"Yes. Of course!" you responded, and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. You kissed quickly but urgently, and he slid the ring onto my finger.

"I think it's about time my beautiful fiance and I go out to dinner." he smirked.


was that cringey i felt it was cringey

ohmygod this was such a good idea and i did it really badly sorry dudes

ily all

im sorry if i dont reply to comments, i try my hardest

stay rad not sad dudes xoxo

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